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  1. OK: Gas prices....just got 2.99 a gallon at Shell in Seymour. I was on E or I would have driven 3 miles west to Jay C Store.....get this $2.95!!!! If I had not filled up with the Kroger card at Denene's, I would have gotten $2.75!!! Made me smile for a change....

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    2. MAC


      SW - Coincidentally, I run largely on pizza and sugar cane.

    3. southwest1


      Yeah MAC, but what does your exhaust smell like? Just Kidding!!! I can tell you 1 thing McDonalds isn't knockin' on my door for a french fry trademark formula violation that's for sure. :) Sorry that was probably in poor taste. Do you want a ketchup or honey mustard packet with that sir? haha!

    4. MAC


      lol Gross, but funny.

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