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    Colts Football, baseball, swimming, NASCAR
    I also love to rescue dogs and help the elderly in need.

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  1. Happy birthday to my gorgeous wife radiogirl!!! I cannot believe you are getting younger and I am getting older!! I love you soooo much!!!!

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    2. southwest1


      If SW1 can get serious for a second, I'm glad that Brent & RG are so at ease & content with either other. That's extremely rare these days: blissful euphoria. Not every single day of course, but somewhat frequently I would imagine with you 2. :)

    3. radiogirl


      Thanks to Gramz, Susie Q, SW, 100GFB, Chad, and JlynRN! It was a great day in the sun!

    4. teganslaw


      This is late, but I'm glad that you had a great birthday, RG! It's as things should be.

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