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  1. How about one thread everything Brady? How many angles can you discuss this. They cheated. Brady cheated.

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    2. southwest1


      It's like the news obsession with AM Track right now. All news stories run their 2-3 month course until something new occupies the nation's interest. Just hang in there & be patient Brent. This too shall pass I promise you my friend. :)

    3. BrentMc11


      Not really. Too many topics started. Mods have actually done a great job of merging and/or locking new threads. That was my point. Our NFL General Is Patriot General. I would like to see it by itself. Those of us who do not like the *s can stay out of it. OK...ready for my nap....:)

    4. southwest1


      It's cool. You have a right to vent. I know I always feel better after that. Enjoy your power nap; the world will look better after some R&R that's rest & relaxation just in case you were wondering.

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