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  1. For those of you who say Pagano has poor in-game adjustments, can you explain that to me? I'm not trying to be fresh, I am just curious what adjustments exactly you're talking about, and how those correlate to Pagano (as opposed to the OC and DC.) Specific examples, please.
  2. I really like this post. A very thoughtful perspective
  3. Harbaugh will either coach in Oakland or at Michigan if he's fired. Also, I agree with the other posters about the Bay Area. Can't beat it.
  4. You think a running back is going to be the undoing of an Executive of the Year who helped turn this franchise around? If Richardson turns out to be a swing and a miss then it's just that - a swing and a miss. Running backs are a dime a dozen and have short careers anyway. There will be another one right behind Richardson if he fails. Fans are so hyperbolic.
  5. It looked worse on his knee than it actually was. I'm sure it wasn't pleasant, but that looked like more of a groin injury than a knee. I think he just did the splits too wide. He only missed one play, he's fine.
  6. I am proud of the way the team fought back, and the ball just didn't bounce our way tonight (literally). I will say though that I hope they get a lot of red zone and goal-to-go offensive work in during practice this week. Execution in the red zone was poor tonight.
  7. To me this seems more likely to be an agent/PR man/publicist saying these things for him.
  8. I keep hearing this excuse. In the five years that Pat has been with the team has he ever given you the impression that he can't work under pressure? Nobody knows if he's a better kicker than Adam right now, but I think there are other reasons we still have AV on the roster other than his leg.
  9. My impression is that Grigson knows lineman, so he went out and got the lineman he wanted (an obvious weakness on this team, as well). And he's going to trust Pagano to coach up whatever DB's we have this year, since Pagano knows DB's. I think our offensive and defensive lines are more concerning than our CB/S situation. Teams have won super bowls with less than superstar safeties. But you don't make the playoffs typically, let alone win a championship if you stink in the trenches.
  10. For being George Costanza you aren't very funny. I think you should be working for Play Now rather than the Yankees based on your analysis of a roster.
  11. He definitely is a sensationalist who rarely uses facts, but I did see some validity to his comparison of Luck and Eli. Luck does have a little bit of Eli in him, in that he can play terribly and then amaze you in the same game. Or he can outright play terribly. Or he can pIay great all game. He has some of Eli's inconsistency, which I think he will grow out of. But he's right in that Luck hasn't proven anything yet. He's led an overachieving team farther than anyone thought two years in a row, but let's see some consistency and a championship before we even talk about GOAT. And I unde
  12. Ehh, I've watched Luck miss open receivers all year. That's sometimes his biggest weakness.
  13. I love Luck's confidence. When he talked I believed him. If he says we're gonna win, we're gonna win.
  14. Stop arguing with him. He's too dense. He thinks he's right and that's all there is to it. Move on.
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