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  1. some of you aren't thinking clearly even if peyton is able to come back, you draft luck to take over for peyton eventually, ala rodgers taking over for favre in GB slam dunk.....
  2. if my chargers can go 10-6 i'll be ecstatic lol
  3. i love rivers, no doubt but i will say, as inconsistent as sanchez is, he's clutch in the playoffs when i watch him i'd love to see how he'd play on a team whose oline is built for pass protection and not a team where it's a rushing smashmouth offense that would be interesting
  4. it's not a bad idea, you guys might find yourself in another favre to rodgers situation, but by trading peyton (if he's irreparable) would only serve to jump start your franchise's next incarnation.
  5. al davis died he wasn't anywhere near the madden cover jaamal charles IR, no madden cover
  6. cassel got sacked something like 47 times or so when he played for brady that season but the answer is definitely better head coach
  7. when you're down by a fg , and you have the ball with plenty of time to tie the game, and your wr literally throws the game away you're being slapped in the face viollently with a 'suck for luck' campaign
  8. they don't look amazingly bad without peyton, but they do look like they're throwing games away blown lead vs kc, then getting back in the game vs cincy only to literally throw the game away while down a fg the only game i saw of indy's where they looked like complete crap was game 1 vs texans
  9. harris was signed because we have Dlinemen dropping like flies
  10. i think it's clear, troy misses less games due to injury because he's got that epic hair he's samson!
  11. i was also surprised he made it to game 3, i never was counting on him to begin with
  12. i also would have been fine with garay being fined more, his play was much more dangerous IMO i like that both got fined though
  13. wasn't an insult, that's what they really remind me of is vinatieri a free agent soon? lol
  14. the chargers remind me of the pre sb winning indy colts just always making stupid plays in the clutch
  15. if my chargers weren't so stupid in september and january, they'd be dangerous lol
  16. i stopped giving any credence to theismann when vick was scrambling during a pro bowl game (this was before he was incarcerated), threw up a hail mary that miraculously was caught, and joe exclaimed, see, that's why vick is such a great qb i think it was jaws who then said, what the heck are you talking about
  17. i don't think there's a chance in heck brady throws for 500 vs the chargers our weakness is run D, not pass D
  18. HGHarrison was a hypocrite, talking about the bible when he got caught with hgh
  19. rex grossman started all 16 games for the bears, the year the bears played indy in the sb you really suck at history, bro
  20. lol it's funny how people still think moss was a FA pickup the pats made a trade with Oakland for him that's what the pats do really well, aside from stockpiling picks, they make smart trades welker, moss, who else? dillon? i mean , they're just dayum smart. although i'd have to say trading seymour wasn't really a coup. seymour still looks pretty dayum good. the pats rarely make mistakes in dealing with players, and when they do it usually doesn't hamstring their salary cap
  21. exactly lol, i was waiting for some of our charger fans to cry about the loss of scot chandler, after he caught a td for the bills
  22. if you're in a position to draft luck, you'd do it if luck has a good year in college i mean it's common sense if peyton recovers, you can probably fleece another team in a luck trade, because it's not just luck, it's a qb who everyone who needed a qb will probably want, and he just got groomed at least for a year, by peyton manning...... it's like drafting a guy with nfl experience, that's what the trade partner will think of it like and on the other hand, if peyton doesn't recover, then you've got a new qb ready to step in. it's really a no brainer
  23. pats D looks human tom looks inhuman hope my chargers don't give up 500 passing yards next week lol
  24. hey we actually didn't get a punt blocked yesterday! sweet!
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