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  1. J@son

    Jay Glazer on the Herd

    If that's the case then Ballard has been pretty active as well. Reports came out that Indy contacted Justin Houston's agent not long after he was released. Numerous reports indicated Indy had a lot of interest in Tyrell Williams. Preston Smith reportedly came down to Indy and GB as his final 2 choices so Ballard was obviously pursuing Smith as well.
  2. J@son

    Isaiah Crowell?

    I'd forgotten about him getting kicked out of Georgia and I didn't know about the instagram thing so, yeah pass from me too.
  3. J@son

    Isaiah Crowell?

    Just because a player was released from another team doesn't necessarily make them a "cast off" though. Over the last 3 years, his ypc averages are 4.8, 4.1 and 4.8. I've said numerous times that YPC aren't the end-all/be-all in terms of judging a RB for numerous reasons, but these numbers are over a large enough sample size that, imo, I'd at least give him a very close look.
  4. Let's not forget this is the same guy that had what so far appears to be an elite draft class last year, one of the highest graded free agancy classes as graded after the season played out, wound up hiring the right HCwho was a finalist in CotY voting and who himself won exec of the year.
  5. Just a quick reminder
  6. I know that the real life NFL is exactly like a game of madden in your mind, but try to consider the possibility that Ballard offered equal money or even more, but Williams chose Oakland for one of 1000 other reasons.
  7. As I recall, you two (threeflight and GusFring) were posting this same nonsense last year and through the first few weeks when the colts were losing. Once the Colts turned it around and started winning, you both mostly disappeared. Hopefully the Colts come out to a quicker start this year so you guys will disappear sooner. You mean like last year's "trash signings" that wound up being graded as one of, if not the best overall value FA class in the league?
  8. He would be a DE here, not a LB. Just because he was an OLB in their defense doesn't automatically mean he couldn't be a DE here
  9. In our base defense, Leonard is an OLB (weakside specifically). In sub packages he plays more the ILB role. Either way, Mosely would replace Walker in sub packages, not Leonard.
  10. But why? I thought this thread was about dee ford
  11. J@son

    Report: Jaguars expected to sign Nick Foles

    Before Philly? He was in college before Philly.
  12. J@son

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    Well that is a bigger problem that also needs to be addressed.
  13. J@son

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    Did I say that? However legalizing and regulating, forcing both the workers and the clientele to provide valid identifying information at the very least, would provide some security for both sides.
  14. J@son

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    IMO, no prostitution should not be illegal. It should be legalized and regulated.