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  1. ok, first, no I don't think that's true. Second, I'm just speculating as to why they may be limiting his carries.
  2. Hey congratulations, you found an exception to the rule. Good job champ
  3. plus, with the shortened and practically non-existent pre-season, these guys probably weren't in the shape they'd normally be in to start the season.
  4. they're probably also trying to keep him fresh for later in the season...not wanting him to hit the 'rookie wall'.
  5. ah yes...I was in a bit of a rush so assumed you were the person I'd originally quoted. Yes I know what happens when one assumes lol. That was my bad. Personally, I don't care one way or another if Rivers gets in. I just think the idea of using win/loss record as a measure to consider is really, really stupid.
  6. Well this is not what you originally said. You mentioned his gaudy stats but then pointed to his win/loss record as why he shouldn't get in.
  7. that makes Rivers' win percentage 54.6%. Dan Marino had a bunch of gaudy stats but only 60.1% win percentage, just barely better than Rivers. Should Marino come out of the hall of fame? Or can we finally admit that win/loss record is the dumbest way to judge a QB?
  8. I get that, I really do. I've never been a fan of this scheme either. However, you also have to remember the Bucs, Bears, Vikings, Cowboys etc have had really good success with the same scheme. It's not so much about the scheme as it is the personnel and the playcalling. Rod Marinelli and Monte Kiffin ran the same scheme but were also far more aggressive than Dungy ever was and it seems like Eberflus is trending towards the more aggressive approach. At least I hope. The biggest problem Dungy's defenses always had came against power running teams. His defenses in MInn tended t
  9. watch his college tape and you'll see that he can throw with touch as well.
  10. my point was that the colts already utilize both power blocking and zone blocking. I saw both in the game yesterday. Currently though, they run more zone than power. I think and hope they will alter that to running more power than zone which plays to the strengths of both Taylor and Wilkins. Power blocking can be done from the shotgun. Doesn't require an I-formation and FB anymore.
  11. again the exaggeration lol. I didn't say they need to drop the stretch play and switch to zmashmouth 80s style FB running.
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