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  1. J@son


    Me thinks there be a slight possibility you misunderstood the question
  2. J@son

    Blue Wall

    Well let's be honest though, I think Nelson has more personality in his left pinkie finger than Glenn had in his entire body lol. That probably goes a long way in Trueman saying nelson is his favorite colts OL (note he didn't say colts best OL... Just his personal favorite )
  3. J@son

    Last Years Draft

    Not true. They don't get anything in return if the release him.
  4. J@son

    Better Teammate?

    It is possible to hold guys accountable without having to be "less nice"
  5. J@son

    TDN rates Colts 2018 Draft Class #2

    yeah I honestly don't know either. The only things I know for sure is that players who were signed after being cut by another team do not factor into the equation but salary definitely does. I've read various things about playing time...however I don't think (but don't quote me on this) that draft position plays any part.
  6. J@son

    TDN rates Colts 2018 Draft Class #2

    Ebron was released by the Lions so he wouldn't count towards the compensatory pick formula. I'm not sure how Autry will affect that though. I'm not counting that compensatory pick until it's officially announced.
  7. J@son

    Bama vs 2017 Browns or 2018 Raiders

    ^that's the only way a college team would have any chance against an NFL team. Comprise the all star team of juniors and seniors only and they may not get shalacked too badly. But any regular college team is going to have depth players that are freshmen and sophomores who's bodies simply could not take hits from an NFL player. Imagine a freshman WR running across the middle and getting hit by an NFL safety or heaven-forbid a LB? You'd have to have multiple ambulances on hand.
  8. J@son

    AJ Bouye declares himself out vs. Colts

    that is true, but the Colts starting offensive lineup has changed a bit since those games...especially the OL.
  9. not even taking any of that into account...I can't imagine the Colts hiring the coach that put the bounty on Peyton's head that (presumably) led to his neck injury.
  10. J@son

    Cowherd and Palmer on Luck

    always happy to be of assistance
  11. J@son

    Cowherd and Palmer on Luck

    he had something alright lol
  12. To expand on what BleedBlu8792 said, Ballard said that they really like Lewis at 3 tech and that he has the prototypical build they're looking for in a 3-tech. I'm pretty sure they'll use Lewis in much the same way they've been using Hunt and Autry....DE on early and short-yardage downs and inside on passing downs.
  13. J@son

    Cowherd and Palmer on Luck

    Somehow I missed that story but explains why he's not on TV anymore lol
  14. J@son

    Cowherd and Palmer on Luck

    kinda off topic but reminds me of Sean Salisbury.