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  1. The NFL determines what information teams have to publicly disclose. You do not deserve nor are you entitled to anything more than that.
  2. Who cares? They don't owe you or any other fan anything. You chose to be a fan...you can choose not to. That's up to you. What they do with the injury information of players is not up to you. As long as they follow the league rules about injuries then I don't care what we as fans know. They have to do what they think is best for the Team/Organization and as much as some fans want to believe that they are, fans are NOT a part of the team or organization. Bottom line...no matter how much you or anyone else thinks that you are, you are NOT entitled to any more information than the front office is willing to give.
  3. I can prove you wrong "TY Hilton is at a disadvantage when trying to get items off the top shelf"
  4. yeah they can't put an uninjured player on IR. Even if it weren't against the rules, I cant see Cain ever agreeing to that.
  5. but at one point you were questioning whether he should start opening day, whether he is now considered "injury prone", whether he was soft etc
  6. No, I think the ones concerned are exaggerating their concern without giving any indication that they are exaggerating. Case in point....in one post you said we should start Brissett to open the season, then in a later post said you were just joking. So, until you made the follow up post indicating you were just joking, people could only believe you were being serious about starting Brissett.
  7. there was no indication that was the case
  8. an overreaction but, for you, not all that bad. well done
  9. The CBA limits the amount of time that coaches can make players practice. woooooooow lol And I"m perfectly fine with that. Any information they give to the fans about Luck's status they are also giving to all of the Colts' upcoming opponents. Why tip their hat any more than they're absolutely required to? They started slow last season because they were playing in a brand new offense with brand new coaches and Reich was very inexperienced as a play caller. Also, Castonzo was out for the first few weeks. None of those things will come into play this year (unless AC gets hurt). The players (minus rookies) are in their 2nd year in this offense, Reich has a year of playcalling experience now etc etc.
  10. Based on what? So then on what were you basing your belief that he'll be ready by week 1?
  11. Snarky may not be the word I'd use...though it's not entirely innacurate lol
  12. What is the exact nature of the injury? Was it a tear? Sprain? Muscle pull? What was the timeline the doctors gave?
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