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  1. ... Was only marginally better than Gardner.
  2. Can you tell us what it is about Ojulari's game that tells you he wouldn't work as a 43 DE?
  3. You can absolutely find linebackers for this defense in later rounds of the draft.....if you're OK with them being the caliber of Gilbert Gardner rather than Darius Leonard and you're OK with the defense being infinitely worse lol
  4. Hmm.. Ok well again and regardless what you think he meant, he said 'best pass rushers available'
  5. To be fair, hicks said best pass rushers available... Not best DEs. Reddick could be a pass rusher for the colts while lining up as a lb, even in a 43 defense
  6. Uh yeah.. See, most of the forum is familiar enough with Ballard by this point to already know and understand that. Why you and a couple of others freak the hell out EVERY YEAR when 'big names' sign somewhere else is both baffling and annoying AF.
  7. According to pittman, it went like this; Carson: hey man how do you feel about the number? Pitt: hey I think I'm gonna keep it Carson: aight cool. No problem That does t sound like Carson displayed any ego in the first place. You have to come at someone with an ego in order to be kept in check
  8. Based on what? I just listened to pittman describe the conversation and I didn't get that at all.
  9. Can you think of any time in nfl history that a team has traded for the rights of a retired player with no indication that the retired player might return?
  10. That is a really dumb and innacurate generalization.
  11. The 2009 SB barely factors into my evaluation of him while he was here so do not include me in that gross generalization. Also whether I forgot about Caldwell being assistant HC or not really is irrelevant because we're talking about him as a HC...not an asst HC On one final thought, if the Colts had won the 2009 SB, my opinion of him during his time here would still be the same.
  12. Um, it wouldn't be the first time a HC got fired from one job where he was bad, learned from his mistakes and then went on to have success with other teams. Also, just because Flacco won a SB ring doesn't mean Caldwell turned him into a SB winner. Flacco caught fire THAT offseason and was also drastically helped by Anquan Boldin's insane catching ability.
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