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  1. Why? It appears he is currently a FA so the Colts could bring him back....if they wanted to.
  2. oh you're gonna have to get over that because you're going to keep hearing about him, and rightfully so, as long as he continues to struggle. And what you say is somewhat true but AV still definitely shoulders a portion of the blame for the loss to Pitt.
  3. honestly I thought that horsecollar penalty was kinda suspect myself.
  4. According to whom? If it was anyone other than the Skins' GM then it's pretty irrelevant.
  5. that and the KC game was played in KC so I don't think the LoS turf came into play.
  6. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that you would know
  7. yeah people said the same thing about: Caesar Rayford John Chick Roy Hall D'arick Rogers Duron Carter Chad Kelly
  8. Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is
  9. Yes let's do that. Let's also give the rookie class TIME to adjust to the NFL and develop into the players they are going to be. Making a determination on them after 4 games is asinine.
  10. well this is just utter nonsense. congrats, you've outdone yourself
  11. well while we're on the subject, it's would have, should have, could have....not would of, should of, could of
  12. but he's not so what's the point?
  13. I agree with most of that but would add, let's not perpetuate the myth that a QB beats another QB or team.
  14. When did Brissett play one-on-one against any of those guys?
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