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  1. The 2009 SB barely factors into my evaluation of him while he was here so do not include me in that gross generalization. Also whether I forgot about Caldwell being assistant HC or not really is irrelevant because we're talking about him as a HC...not an asst HC On one final thought, if the Colts had won the 2009 SB, my opinion of him during his time here would still be the same.
  2. Um, it wouldn't be the first time a HC got fired from one job where he was bad, learned from his mistakes and then went on to have success with other teams. Also, just because Flacco won a SB ring doesn't mean Caldwell turned him into a SB winner. Flacco caught fire THAT offseason and was also drastically helped by Anquan Boldin's insane catching ability.
  3. Yes I did and I stand by that. I did not, however, say he was a bad coach because 'he couldn't make Curtis Painter a winner'.
  4. yeah it's easy to go 10-6 or better WITH Manning. But when you run Curtis Painter out onto the field trying to have him run the offense the same way Peyton did, THAT'S a terrible coach. He and Christiansen both. all of this is irrelevant because I clearly said 'WHILE HE WAS HERE'.
  5. He was a terrible coach the entire time he was here.
  6. Which explains why the Colts are leading the league in interceptions right?
  7. ok, first, no I don't think that's true. Second, I'm just speculating as to why they may be limiting his carries.
  8. Hey congratulations, you found an exception to the rule. Good job champ
  9. plus, with the shortened and practically non-existent pre-season, these guys probably weren't in the shape they'd normally be in to start the season.
  10. they're probably also trying to keep him fresh for later in the season...not wanting him to hit the 'rookie wall'.
  11. ah yes...I was in a bit of a rush so assumed you were the person I'd originally quoted. Yes I know what happens when one assumes lol. That was my bad. Personally, I don't care one way or another if Rivers gets in. I just think the idea of using win/loss record as a measure to consider is really, really stupid.
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