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  1. well said....and then we wind up with a thousand different threads about the same thing.
  2. I can't for the life of me think why you'd want to redo the 2012 draft and take RG3. No matter what team RG3 went to, he was going to flame out. He did not have the build to sustain the hits he was going to take based on his style of play. If you're going to redo that draft, it has to be Russell Wilson even though, at the time, like @coltsfanej, I wanted Foles. I do think Foles could have had a better career had some things gone differently for him, but being completely objective, Wilson was the 2nd best QB from that draft behind Luck.
  3. ah, I got you now. your first post was just ambiguous enough that I read it as you were defending hot rod against those who think he should be replaced permanently.
  4. Do you understand that some, including myself, simply are not sold on him as a long term solution? I've been iffy on him since the day he took over, long before this hip injury. Literally only one person made a post in this thread about replacing him permanently. I think maybe you're carrying over frustration from some comments in other threads into this one
  5. I'll try to keep this as simple as possible. the 1-4 record means the TEAM needs to play better. this 'debate' that you started was about Wentz and Wentz alone. there is a difference.
  6. Wentz needs to work on his presnap reads and checking out of plays that are doomed before the snap. Otherwise he played a very good game.
  7. It's comical that some people are so naive they think it's impossible something like this could happen.
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