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  1. I laughed outloud when Adam Shefter says that Blount can be a kick off specialist for the Patriots. Are you kidding me? You want speed on special teams as in like Darren Sproles you know lightning quickness & agility. 


    I can't picture Bill using Blount in that capacity myself. Personally, I think his gift is his thick frame, durability, & battering ram quality myself. 


    Edelman is the guy I'd always put on special teams...That guy has great hands, tremendous vision, & darn that boy is fast.


    I don't why NE puts Amendola there unless he's in Brady's WR doghouse or something like that. 

    I thought Blount was returning kicks for the Pats last year?

  2. I wouldn't say Luck is 'go big or go home', Luck has to manage games for us, too -- he is very rarely 'go home' (he went 11-5 in year 1 and 2).  Luck has done a better job with a much lesser team (Wilson came into a team that was 7-9, Luck came into a team that was 14-2 -- As rookies, Wilson had the 4th ranked defense in the league, Luck on the other hand had the 26th ranked D in the league -- Wilson had 3rd ranked running game, Luck had the 22nd ranked running game. In year 2, Wilson had the #1 ranked D, Luck had the 20th ranked D, Wilson had the 4th ranked run game, Luck had the 20th ranked run game....


    The fact Luck was able to win 22 games in that span is outstanding.  You put Wilson on our team, with our line, I don't think he'd still be healthy, and I don't think we make the playoffs either year.  You put Luck on the Seahawks, we're talking dynasty.


    I agree with you that Wilson has excelled in what he's been asked to do, but it is nothing compared to what Luck has had to do.  I disagree that Luck is a 'go big, or go home' QB -- one of his best games in the NFL was versus the 9ers last year when Luck threw for 159 yards, no TDs, no INTs -- he simply put us in the right situations at the line and made very good decisions throughout the game.  Fortunately, we had our run game going and our D stepped up that game, but my point is, Luck isn't always 'go big, or go home' -- often times he has to go big and the majority of those times he comes out with the win, but he's proven he can win without having to go big, too.

    In regards to Luck I am not just talking about winning the game/stat line. i am talking about certain throws. He will force the ball in there and it will be a 80yd TD and it looks like he is the greatest thing ever, then the next series he will try to force the ball and it ends up right in the defenses hands and you think WTH.... he is a gunslinger... nothing wrong with it. Just Wilson seems to always go for the safe plays.  I agree with everything else you said. I will also say Luck's gambles usually payoff either way it makes for exciting Colts football.

  3. Wilson may protect the ball better because that is really his only job -- he isn't counted on to win games for his team or to carry his team on his back, he has such a good D and has had arguably the league's best runner for the past 2-3 years (AP is the only RB that I think you could maybe argue against Marshawn Lynch). 


    Luck may turn the ball over, but if he doesn't make big plays and take risks (yes, rarely his risks result in INTs), we don't have a shot in a lot of games. 

    i don't disagree with anything you stated. I am a Luck over Wilson guy. just stating the fact both are doing the jobs they are asked to do. one protect the ball and make plays the other go big or go home.

  4. Good point. If you put a basic offensive player into defensive mode the learning curve is huge. The key to keeping the big TEs from catching the up in the air passes starts with putting pressure on the QBs. Graham, Gronk and a few more TEs are superior athletes with size and strength. Just putting a big man on them would not stop them.

    well i think with mathis shut down, QB pressure is going to be hard to come by. Also i understand it won't stop those guys but i am hoping it would slow them down or at least make them work for it.

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