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  1. I think the rejections are a little alarming. Not from a football stand point but more of a cultural stand. The Lakers before Magic joined comes to mind, big name free agents wouldn't even take meetings because they thought the Lakers were a mess. I do not want the colts to have a similar reputation. I dont think we are that bad yet, but have trending in the wrong direction.
  2. Vinny was a patriot and the deal isn't signed.. fool me once same on you, fool me twice... not going to happen.
  3. Not a bit fan of Amendola, and I dont think the pats let solder walk. Most importantly while most coaches do like some of their own guys, the Pats are great because they can win with any guys. That is what I hope JM brings to the team, find those guys no one else wanted and make them household name for as long as they play for us cheap. Once they ask for that big money then they can walk away and we find someone better.
  4. Ya Sanchez is a stud but I love Pat, one of my all time favorite colts. Maybe ST coordinator or something?
  5. I agree medical details and blood flow is a little bit out there. However, if i am going to be s head coach and setting up off season schedules I would like to know the ball park chances of having my franchise player. Of course my next question would be asking if we can go get Pat McAfee out of retirement.
  6. I mean if it was me, i would ask something like what is the percentage wise that Andrew will be ready to go by OTAs or training camp? If Ballard answers that question it would answer a lot to me.
  7. First I think luck is probably fine. But as for the interview if i was a candidate, i would definetly bring it up and at least ask the question.
  8. Well you can't please everyone. Personally, can't wait to see what he can do with our offense. And hopefully Ballard gets some nice pieces for him to work with and help our defense.
  9. Josh called an awesome game tonight. Can't wait for that play calling and offense to come to Indy. I would look for Josh to ask Ballard for a big gronk body type TE. What he has been able to do with Lewis, white, and Blount the (previously). I dont think we need a high draft pick RB.
  10. Doubt he leaves ESPN for anything short of a HC position.
  11. Agreed. From everything that we have heard, which granted isn't much; no offer to anyone had been made. I do think there is a good chance a handshake deal was made with Josh.
  12. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/01/11/report-matt-rhule-withdraws-from-colts-coaching-search/ Rhule is out of the running as well. It kind of sounds like rumors are getting around the coaching circles the job has been filled or something for all these coaches to withdraw or except other jobs this quickly.
  13. Technically every team is contending for one every year. And while we have made it to a AFC champ game.. that game wasn't even a close one. I just think it's early to say the odds are in our favor or even a favorite to make it to a champ game.
  14. Luck had 3 healthy season and didn't deliver a sb. He can't do it himself... why don't we wait and see what FA, the draft, and who our coach will be before we start talking about sb aspirations?
  15. I dont know CB personally or anything but he seems like an intense guy and i think he would make every one he interviews feel like he is all in on them. Feel like that would be the way to play it will all or most of our candidates fielding multiple offers.
  16. I think JM will be out coach as soon at the Pats season is over. With Nagy getting the bears job and Wilks supposedly going to get the giants job today or tomorrow, the last big domino to drop is JM and the Colts.
  17. Aaron Rogers is probably the best QB in the league and the guy Andrew is chasing.
  18. Very true, gruden is loaded too and has a way more cushy job than HC. I think Bill is the type to still coach as long has he can put together a contender and have that kind of control somewhere else. I am sure he wouldnt mind playing the pats every year or something like that also.
  19. Gruden is a fair worse coach than bill and he is about to make 10m a year.. So I think Bill gets offers north of that number and will coach where ever he wants.
  20. Plenty of money to bring back Adam V for one more year.
  21. Maybe Ballard gets a pick and a player or something. We have the cap space to take on a big contract of a guy like Von miller maybe?? Lol wishful thinking.
  22. Josh is on a bye week, so he can only be interviewed this week during the playoffs. Most of the other candidates are playing during wild card weekend and can't be interviewed until eliminated.
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