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  1. Thanks for the quick heads-up. I was wondering!
  2. Thanks, everyone! I guarantee you, Brent and I are every bit as excited as you are. This should be loads of fun!
  3. My weekly blog is now up and running on today's edition, "Introducing BrentMc11..." Please take the time to read this important announcement concerning further releases of my blog. Thanks, and God Bless America!

  4. 76 ‘likes’. 330 posts. One ‘like’ per 4.3 posts. More than 1 ‘like’ a day---every day---since he joined the forum. And now, add to this impressive resume’ the title of Assistant General Manager. Allow me to introduce to you a member of the forum whom many of you know already as BrentMc11. Brent and I first began talking two weeks after I joined the forum, meeting by way of my blog, “My Heart and My Mind Were Arguing Last Night”. At first, it was mere formality, as were many of my conversations with other members around the forum. We exchanged pleasantries, commented on the same topics a few times around the forum, but never really began to have regular conversation until the end of February. We became pretty good friends, and soon had begun talking to each other through our personal e-mails. It wasn’t long before I realized the great love for the game of football that Brent has, and it wasn’t long before I realized that he enjoys learning more about it; shares his opinion freely; and readily accepts informative feedback, whether positive or corrective. These traits are what made me decide to offer him a role in my season analysis of the Colts. I offered him the job of Assistant GM, and he accepted after thinking it through completely. I am excited to work with Brent for the 2012 season as we analyze the week by week match-ups between the Colts and their opponents, and I look forward to having fun with him as we learn more about the game of football and the Colts, together. -------- Statement From Brent: When I first moved over from ColtsDirect, I was interested in how many people enjoyed the ‘blog’ features of the forum. One of the first blogs I analyzed was WeSpy’s “My Heart and My Mind Were Arguing Last Night.” I found each week’s blog insightful, thought provoking and easy for Colt fans to read from any level of football understanding. As I ventured through the forums learning more about where to find all of the features, it seemed as though most of the topics I was commenting or posting on, WeSpy was as well. While we did not agree on every detail, we were very close in our philosophies on roster decisions and positional ‘challenges.’ I sent WeSpy a quick e-mail asking him a couple of ‘technical questions.’ I then mentioned a couple of personal issues I was dealing with (with a friend) and saw he was insightful on a whole lot of things. (Not just football) I have enjoyed football ever since my dad threw the ‘pigskin’ to me and knocked me down. He did not believe in ‘nerf’ balls I guess. Football has been a passion for some time, and I see in WeSpy we share that same passion. When WeSpy offered me the chance to work with him as his Assistant General Manager I thought “Wow, I cannot wait for my first check.” Seriously, I analyze every aspect of the Colts anyway and why not learn more about the coaches, the salary cap, and more of the business side of football. I also analyze before, during and after each game as well. To do this with a friend is just a bonus! I look forward to working on this. I will “roll up my sleeves” and evaluate. I heard that somewhere before. -------- Brent and I are excited to be working with each other throughout this upcoming year, and we hope to give our readers a healthy mix of facts and fun, humor and help; and just an overall good, solid blog. As you read each new entry, our hope is that your familiarity with the Colts will grow and your comprehension of the roster will become clearer. If you have any questions or feedback about the blogs that you would like to address to Brent or myself personally, please feel free to contact us by way of the message system on the forum. Otherwise, you may leave a comment below with your thoughts. We appreciate your support as we endeavor to provide fans with a weekly blog that is full of substance. Thanks, have a great evening, and God Bless America!
  5. Wow! I wasn't sold on FCS players until #6, either. This was really neat, OZOC01, thanks for the fun facts!
  6. My weekly blog, "My Mind and My Heart Were Arguing Last Night" is now up and running on today's edition, "And Here Is Their View On Coach Pagano/Hybrid Defense..." Each week I'll compare my feelings and my (though somewhat limited) brains on an issue pertinent to the Colts. Next week we'll focus in on a new subject, and I'm always open to ideas! If you want to suggest a topic to me, just shoot me a message. Thanks, and God Bless America!

  7. Sorry for the discombogualtion and erratic release of my blogs over the past while. I've been so busy recently that I've had to change my cell phone answering machine to say this: "Hey! WeSpy's voice mail is broken, but this is his refrigerator; speak slowly and I’ll stick a note to myself with one of these nifty magnets!" The shame is, it hasn't really cut down on all those annoying people who call and leave no message at all but expect you to call them back anyhow. (Oops, think that belonged in the 'Things That Annoy Me' thread...) Anyhow, my Heart and Mind will be back with their regular humor-filled dialogue as soon as the draft is finished and the game-by-game analysis starts. Until then, it is easier for me to post their thoughts together in a single blog written by myself. I apologize for this, in truth, rather sloppy and unprofessional way to do a blog that is supposed to feature my Heart and Mind rather than myself. I'm weeping and repenting with bitter tears of remorse. Really. I am. Here we go with the analysis of new Head Coach Chuck Pagano and the hybrid 3-4 used in Baltimore. I will also post similar blogs about the OC and DC and their preferred schemes later on in further editions to follow this one. Have a great evening, and I do hope you enjoy the blog. Things really do look good for the Colts in 2012 if you just try to view things optimistically. Chuck Pagano, Head Coach: Fun Quote: "I am going to be me,” said Pagano. “They’re going to get a face-full of Chuck Pagano. Whoever we play on Sunday is going to get a face-full of Colts, and on a weekly basis. We are going to have fun doing it." Collegiate Record: 97-76 .560 W/L% Professional Record: 75-85 .468 W/L % Collegiate Defensive Coordinator: ---Record: 8-15 .652 W/L% ---PPG: 24 Avg. (18--UNC, 30---UNLV) ---Teams: UNC and UNLV NFL Defensive Coordinator: ---Record: 12-4 .750 W/L% ---PPG: 16.6 ---Teams: BAL Baltimore Ravens Defensive Rankings Under Chuck Pagano: #1---Lowest Opposing Team Passer Rating (66.57) #2---Fewest Rush Yards Per Game (92.6) #2—Fewest Yards Per Play (4.6) #2---Fewest Yards Per Run (3.54) #2---Fewest 3rd Downs Allowed (32.1%) #3---Fewest Yards Per Game (288.9) #3---Fewest Points Per Game Allowed (16.6) #3 Tie---Most Sacks (48) #4---Fewest Passing Yards Per Game (196.2) Summary of Pagano/Hybrid Defense: Pagano ran a hybrid defense during his short tenure as the Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator. The system was largely inherited from his predecessor, Greg Mattison. This hybrid package used by the Ravens and Pagano is capable of swapping three, four, and five man fronts at any point during a drive---without changing personnel. This is especially effective against teams with a ‘no-huddle’ offense, as Baltimore runs one could easily call a ‘no-huddle’ defense. They do, of course, get their play-calls from the sideline, but their choice in plays is not limited as other defensive units in the league in that they can call most any package at any point in the game without changing out their players. The Ravens’ scheme, while mainly a three man front, is based on their versatile outside linebackers, Terrell Suggs and Jarret Johnson. Both are capable of playing defensive end, and both play multiple positions in the defense. With the basic analysis completed on the Ravens’ defensive set under Pagano, let’s look at the similarities that prevail in the current Colts personnel. Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis can take the place of Suggs and Johnson, though it will take some adjustment to the new scheme. Colts fans can expect Pagano, Grigson, and Co. to take a linebacker with qualities similar to Suggs or Johnson in the draft this year to learn and get some valuable playing time. This man will most likely be taken in a later round, perhaps the fourth or fifth, and will eventually be used to replace the aging Dwight Freeney, whose run stopping capabilities are somewhat in doubt. The Colts’ cornerback position will undergo some change via the draft as well, with the Colts most likely addressing that area of the defense in Round Two. The Ravens’ cornerbacks have, of necessity, been talented, and when losing a quality player at that position, they have been quick to replace him. The case of the loss of Josh Wilson at the end of the 2010 season and the quick draft pick of cover corner Jimmy Smith solidifies this. With the safety position adequately addressed as well by the addition of former Ravens’ safety Tom Zbikowski and the release of an injury prone Melvin Bullit, the Colts secondary would look rather solid with a good corner added by way of draft or free agency. A solid mix of pass cover/pass rush linebackers and safeties is the first step in doing a good job in the hybrid defense package. Of course, stopping the run is a big deal as well. Suggs and Johnson are both exceptional in the run defense game for Baltimore, and it is to be expected that the duo of Mathis and Freeney will not be quite up to par, at least for their first season. The Colts will need a good analysis of their current linebacking corps to see which players can solidify their middle. A review of the interior of their defensive line will be necessary as well. Pat Angerer is a solid player at MLB, and showed flashes of talent at stopping the run. His 2011 season was as good as historic for a man playing literally ‘off the street,’ but the Colts have to make sure they can trust him to play at a high level continually and not like a ‘man off the street’ if they want to have success in their hybrid system with him in the main line-up. The Colts have a wealth at linebacker on the roster, with 8 players currently filling that spot. Add in Mathis, Freeney, and a draft pick, and there’s plenty of room for sifting through the rough to find the diamond. Defensive tackle is an area the Colts are expected to upgrade in the draft, perhaps in round three or four, depending on the players available at that time. The current roster has 5 players at that spot, and with a early round draft pick added in who excels at stopping the run and is acquainted with the 3-4, the Colts should be good to go---at least for 2012. There is a relatively solid free agent market of defensive linemen as well, but with limited cap room, the Colts are not able to sign as freely as they might like, and this will probably lead them to address their defensive line issues in the draft. It would appear, then, that an installation of the same system Coach Pagano ran in Baltimore with new defensive coordinator Greg Manusky merely overseeing the program is quite possible and very likely. Colts fans shouldn’t be surprised if Pagano takes a role similar to the one Rex Ryan took when he became Head Coach of the New York Jets, calling all the plays himself and then turning it over to his defensive coordinator a short while down the road. In short, Chuck Pagano has found success at both the collegiate and professional level, and should be exciting to watch as he progresses in his new status as Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The future looks bright for the probable 3-4 hybrid package of the defense, and the personnel seems to be coming into place. With a few more hires and a little more talent added on, this team should be both dangerous and exciting in 2012. Thanks for reading, have a wonderful night, and God Bless America!
  8. There is going to be a 'press conference' held by my Mind and Heart later on today to announce the signing of Jacob Tamme. You convinced me to take another look at him, and after watching some film I decided to bring him back. Would you like to be my assistant GM?
  9. Ah, okay, got you now. You wanted more depth on the line in case of injury, and those guys are not good enough. Right? If so, I do definitely see your point.
  10. Ha, I know... Isn't it sad? I'll have to mention it to the mods and find out why it's restricted.
  11. It's funny---If southwest1 and I ever wrote a blog together, we'd have to call it SouthSpy or WeWest. SS and WW. Just struck me as interesting.
  12. 'Blanket like' on the above post... Good stuff, I'm just too lazy to respond to it!!!
  13. I liked Ted Ginn as well, but his price is through the roof. Stephens-Howling would have been intriguing, indeed, except for the nearly two million dollar cap price or second round pick we'd need to give up! The OL and NT are addressed in the draft I did, and we have Moala and Nevis currently on board, as well as Antonio Johnson. At OL, we have 12 players already on the roster for the OL spot, and not a lot of cap room to sign anyone better than the current, in my opinion. I am hoping our draft selection at the center position will allow us to make some cuts, freeing up cap room, and also allow us to reshuffle the line and get the best players for each position starting. I wish I could've brought Gonzalez back, but at this time I was following the Colts' current roster and they didn't want him. Thank you, BrentMc11!
  14. Even with Courtney Roby returning the punts and kicks? I agree with your analysis, but all the players you listed are backups. The starting line is relatively solid, I think. The center position is solid with a draft pick and one backup. That is the reason for getting rid of one of the centers, either Shipley or Kirkpatrick. McGlenn does solidify the side, and the reason for a center leaving because of his signing is that we would have 12 linemen on the roster. I don't believe it's necessary to have that many, so with a high draft pick center, I figured I could let a backup center go. I would have signed Gonzalez, but the Colts didn't want him when I began this series and so I couldn't include him on the roster. Tamme and Wheeler are guys I would keep an eye on, but with a draft picks at TE and LB and Robert Mathis making the transition to LB, I decided not to make an offer to either. The drafted TE is 6-6 and would take over for Tamme as the passing threat. Eldridge and Mahaffey are better blockers than Tamme, in my opinion, so even though he is an inexpensive option, he is unnecessary and would take up cap room better saved for contingencies elsewhere. Appreciate your analysis, by the way, BrentMc11. That is exactly what I intended these blogs for---to get other fans' ideas. You are a smart guy and I appreciate your thoughts! I can always use TONS of help...
  15. This Day In March History: 1978...Italian prime minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped in Rome on March 16th. His squad of police bodyguards were killed and he was taken at gunpoint from his car during the morning traffic rush.

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      Of course, we are all friends here & I agree with Brent & WeSpy 100%. My Colts Forum friends are 1 of a kind & irreplaceable.

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      1 of a kind, for sure...in more ways than one... :)

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      Thanks SW!!!!

  16. Why? Your thoughts would be appreciated, I always enjoy seeing someone else's opinion. You can send it to me by message, if you like, or post it here. Whatever works better for you.
  17. My weekly blog, "My Mind and My Heart Were Arguing Last Night" is now up and running on today's edition, "And I Interrupted To Inform You About Some Changes..." Each week I'll compare my feelings and my (though somewhat limited) brains on an issue pertinent to the Colts. Next week we'll focus in on a new subject, and I'm always open to ideas! If you want to suggest a topic to me, just shoot me a message. Thanks, and God Bless America!

  18. C/OG Mike McGlynn has just been signed by the Colts earlier today and is not included in this roster. A center would probably be leaving the building.
  19. I will be doing two comparisons for each game on the Colts schedule, rather than one, as I had originally planned. The reason for this is that I have already done my mock draft and mock free agency and built my roster as I desired it, but will have only analyzed 3 to 4 games by the time the draft is over and Indy's roster is more complete. I am doing these game-by-game evaluations to see how the Colts will match up in 2012 with the other teams on their schedule, and my predictions would not be realistic without have a more current roster. I have enjoyed my draft and free agent period, though, so I will proceed with that roster as well and simply do two comparisons for each game. One from the Colts actual roster (when the draft is finished and the season starts) and one from my proposed roster (beginning sometime next week). That being said, here is my proposed roster for the Colts in 2012. It does reflect the Colts current roster as of today with the signing of Safety Tom Zbikowski earlier today. BOLD indicates a draftee. ITALICS indicate a free agent signing. GREEN indicates a starter. BLUE indicates a release. Cuts From Current Roster: Cosby, Quan---WR Edds, A.J.---LB Evans, Darren---RB Fayson, Jarred---WR Hines, Jermale---CB Holmes, Mike---CB Johnson, Antonio---DT King, Brandon---CB Lefeged, Joe---CB Mathews, Ricardo---DT Newton, Mike---CB Ogbu, Ollie---DT Ross, Jeremy---WR Freeman, Jerrell---LB Proposed 2012 Roster: OFFENSE: QB: Luck, Andrew---QB Vittatoe, Trevor---QB RB: Choice, Tashard/Williams, Cadillac---RB Brown, Donald---RB Carter, Delone---RB Gronkowski, Chris---RB TE: Ford, Chase---TE Eldridge, Brody--TE Mahaffey, Ryan---TE T: Castonzo, Anthony---OT Justice, Winston---OT/OG Linkenbach, Jeffrey---OT Reitz, Joe---OT Tepper, Mike---OT G: Ijalana, Ben---OT/OG Olsen, Seth---OG Murphy, Matt---OG C: Konz, Peter/ Blake, Phillip---C Kirkpatrick, Jake---C Shipley, A.Q.---C WR: Wayne, Reggie---WR Doucet, Early---WR Collie, Austin--WR White, Blair---WR Wright, Jarius/Moye, Derek---WR DEFENSE: DT: Ta’amu, Alameda/Wolfe, Derek---DT Nevis, Drake---DT Moala, Fili---DT DE: Freeney, Dwight---DE Redding, Cory---DE Hughes, Jerry---DE Hickman, Justin---DE LB: Mathis, Robert---DE/LB Angerer, Pat---LB McClellin, Shea/Law, Cordarro---LB Conner, Kavell---LB Harvey, Mario---LB Lutrus, Scott---LB Peguese, Brandon---LB Addison, Mario---LB CB: Kirkpatrick, Dre/Gilmore, Stepen/ Jenkns, Janoris---CB Powers, Jerraud---CB Johnson, Terrence---CB Thomas, Kevin---CB Rucker, Chris---CB Caldwell, David---CB S: Bethea, Antoine---S Tom Zbikowski---S Taylor, Brandon---S SPECIAL TEAMS: KR/PR: Roby, Courtney---WR Tom Zbikowski---S K: Vinatieri, Adam---K Bullock, Randy---K P: McAfee, Pat---P LS: Snow, Justin---TE/LS The above gets us to 55 players on the roster, and leaves cap room to work with should any emergencies arise during the regular season. If there are any questions or comments, please leave them by comment on this blog or by personal message to me. I will try to respond as soon as I possibly can. If you want an explanation for a draft pick or free agent signee, please see my earlier blogs at my main blog page, which can be accessed from my user profile, and feel free to ask me any question you may have. Believe it or not, I'm not infallible... Notes: *Tom Zbikowski would compete with draft pick Brandon Taylor for the starting SS job. No matter which one wins, the other would be retained for depth. Several of the CB's have experience at the safety position as well. *Back-up linebackers could be cut at any time should they not work out to the coaching staff's full satisfaction, I did retain four extras on the roster for depth. LB A.J. Edds, though promising, is a 4-3 linebacker and would not fit into Coach Pagano's new scheme. *Back-up cornerbacks could be cut at any time should they not work out to the coaching staff's full satisfaction, I did retain two extras on the roster for depth. *Either backup center could be released if if the draft picks and/or Kirkpatrick work out. *RB Chris Gronkowski could be cut at any time during the season or retained until the end of his contract in 2013. To make it easier on those of you who are short on patience, here are the starters by themselves: Luck, Andrew---QB Choice, Tashard/Williams, Cadillac---RB Ford, Chase---TE Castonzo, Anthony---OT Justice, Winston---OT/OG Konz, Peter/ Blake, Phillip---C Ijalana, Ben---OT/OG Linkenbach, Jeffrey---OT Wayne, Reggie---WR Doucet, Early---WR Collie, Austin--WR Freeney, Dwight---DE Ta’amu, Alameda/Wolfe, Derek---DT Redding, Cory---DE McClellin, Shea/Law, Cordarro---OLB Angerer, Pat---MLB Conner, Kavell---MLB Mathis, Robert---DE/OLB Kirkpatrick, Dre/Gilmore, Stephen/ Jenkins, Janoris---CB Powers, Jerraud---CB Bethea, Antoine---S Tom Zbikowski---S Roby, Courtney---KR/PR Vinatieri, Adam---K McAfee, Pat---P Snow, Justin---LS I hope you all will enjoy examining the roster! Have a wonderful day, and God Bless America!
  20. My weekly blog, "My Mind and My Heart Were Arguing Last Night" is now up and running on today's edition, "And I Found Their Free Agency Selections..." Each week I'll compare my feelings and my (though somewhat limited) brains on an issue pertinent to the Colts. Next week we'll focus in on a new subject, and I'm always open to ideas! If you want to suggest a topic to me, just shoot me a message. Thanks, and God Bless America!

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      I am way behind on blog reading.

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      love this blog

  21. My Mind and Heart have rather enjoyed this make-believe journey as the "Men in Charge" in the Indianapolis Front Office. I am delivering their free agency pursuits to you now, largely similar to how I informed you of their tentative draft. Since all of this is merely setting the stage for their week by week analysis of every game on the Colts schedule, I have spared you all the dialogue and tried to get down to business. Once their choices in free agency and the draft are settled in, a complete roster reflecting all signings will be posted in another blog. You will notice that rather than erase all free agent signing by the Colts, I have kept everything on the roster exactly as it is at this point up to the signing of Justice/Redding/Wayne and have merely filled it to a full 53 man roster. Here we go again! My Mind and Heart agreed that the running game, return game, and receiving game were the aspects of the Colts team that needed to be looked at. This came from the realization of their draft picks which addressed other positions and also the previous free agent signings by the Colts Front Office which added depth along the offensive line and also upgraded the defensive line with the addition of defensive end Corey Redding. The first position they looked at was the running back spot, and this is what they found: Cadillac Williams and Tashard Choice are decent free agent options available and their cap costs are low. Cadillac Williams: 685,000/Year---Drafted in 05 Tashard Choice: 536,250/Year---Drafted in 08 Keep in mind that Williams' contract was a 1 year deal in St. Louis, and 1 year deals are always more expensive than longer-term contracts, so the Colts could probably sign him to a longer-term, less expensive deal. Either Williams or Choice would be an inexpensive option and would provide a bruising back that the Colts need with their perceived new philosophy on running backs. We do have Donald Brown, Delone Carter, and Chris Gronkowski on the roster already, so one of them would have to go. Both Gronkowski and Brown's contracts end next year, so signing a low cost running back to take their place with Carter as a 1-2 punch is a feasible option. The second position they looked at was the kick/punt returner spot, and this is what they found: Devin Aromashodu, LaRod Stephens-Howling, and Ted Ginn, Jr. are available in free agency, and not only are they viable 3rd or 4th receivers, they should each excel in the return game. Devin Aromashodu: 685,000/Year---Drafted 06 (Played for Colts in 06.) LaRod Stephens-Howling: 406,333/Year---Drafted 09 Ted Ginn Jr.: 3,920/Year---Drafted 07 Ginn, Jr. is too expensive to consider as merely a returner, so Aromashodu is the better option in cost effectiveness though he may be slightly less productive in the return game. Also, keep in mind that Aromashodu's contract was a 1 year deal in Minnesota, and 1 year deals are always more expensive than longer-term contracts, so the Colts could probably sign him to a longer-term, less expensive deal. Devin Aromashodu averaged 22 yards per kick return as a college player at Auburn. LaRod Stephens-Howling averaged 23.8 yards per kick return at Arizona in 2011. Joe Lefeged (IND) averaged 18.6 yards per kick return. Stephens-Howling and Aromashodu are both nearly a 30% increase in return yardage. Brandon Banks had the most return yards last year as the main man for Washington, but will not become a restricted free agent until 2013. If the Colts wanted to wait until then to sign him, he might be available and an inexpensive option as well, but the return game will suffer for yet another year. Eddie Royal was an appealing choice as well, but was signed by the Chargers. That firmly closed the door on him and seemingly opened the door for San Diego's former returner Richard Goodman, who was fourth in the NFL in return yardage average among return specialists fielding over 30 kicks. However, he is an Exclusive Rights Free Agent this year. My Heart and Mind figured that the Chargers wouldn’t offer him a deal with Royal in town, but they did, so he was out as a prospect. With Ginn, Jr. costing simply too much to be a return specialist and a viable 3rd or 4th option; and Royal, Goodman, and Banks unavailable; My Heart and Mind were left with Stevens-Howling and Aromashodu. Stephens Howling is a Restricted Free Agent, and was offered a deal by Arizona worth around 1.9 million. If Indianapolis wanted to sign him, they'd have to match it or fork over a 2nd round pick in 2013 for him. Also, Arizona would have the chance to match our offer to him, and you better believe they have the cap room! Our cap salary is not in good shape to get in a bidding war, so Stephens-Howling wasn't really worth it. Devin Aromashodu would be the best option currently out there, and he is unproven in the NFL as a returner. The third and last position they looked at was the wide receiver spot, and this is what they found: Early Doucet and Courtney Roby are two decent receivers who could take over the number two spot in place of Garcon, allowing Austin Collie to continue to thrive as a slot receiver. Early Doucet: 1,200,000/Year---Drafted in 08 Courtney Roby: 1,176,000/Year---Drafted in 05 Doucet was compared many a time before his draft in 08 as a prototype of Reggie Wayne, and learning from Reggie might help him reach his full potential. He had a decent season (54 receptions, 689 yards, 5 TD's) with guys named Skelton and Kolb throwing to him, so why not a guy named Luck? Also, keep in mind that both Doucet and Roby's contracts were 1 year deals in Arizona and New Orleans respectively, and 1 year deals are always more expensive than longer-term contracts, so the Colts could probably sign him to a longer-term, less expensive deal. Doucet and Roby are both excellent options in the return game as well, with Roby averaging 23.8 per return in 2010, and Doucet fielding punts and kicks in college for several years. Roby's expertise in the return game will not be needed in New Orleans either, most likely, as Darren Sproles has assumed that role. Soon I will give you the final roster for my 'Mirt' team, as we will call the combination of my Mind's and Heart's draft picks and free agent signings. Keep in mind that there is very little cap room, even with all the recent cuts, and with an average salary for each draft pick this year we only have slightly over 6 million to spend in free agency. And you can't spend it all, as contracts get increasingly expensive each year and also since you have to keep some breathing room in the cap to provide for any contingencies throughout the year should a player get injured and need replaced. I hope that this was not too confusing, I tried to keep it simple but at the same time let you know how much thought needs to go into this process. Hopefully this will give you some added admiration/respect for the GM's around the league, as well as our own. Have a great day, and as always, God Bless America!
  22. Were the PAC-12 conference runners the starters, though? If so, it would explain their authoritative control of the running back statistics. Again, thanks for the work you put in on this! It is interesting, as you said, to know which college conferences have produced the most productive running backs. Good work on this post, and I am looking forward to the receiver blog soon!
  23. My weekly blog, "My Mind and My Heart Were Arguing Last Night" is now up and running on today's edition, "And I Picked Through The Debris And Found Their Mock Draft..." Each week I'll compare my feelings and my (though somewhat limited) brains on an issue pertinent to the Colts. Next week we'll focus in on a new subject, and I'm always open to ideas! If you want to suggest a topic to me, just shoot me a message. Thanks, and God Bless America!

  24. At last my Heart and Mind agreed on something. Oh, don't get me wrong, they've shared views before---but have never been able to COME to an agreement. You see, the only time that they have ever agreed on something is when they both shared the same view originally---never before have they disagreed and found a comfortable compromise. Last night ended their historic run as they put together a mock draft that they both agreed on.Of course, that was only after much shouting and many nasty insults being thrown back and forth... When they finally chose their players, wrote them down, and went to lunch; I had to search through about 10 million different kinds and colors of paper before I found the right one that contained their picks. After searching through piles of wadded, discarded papers, stepping on pens and pencils, and generally trying to clean up the mess that my Mind and Heart had made; I lay down that night and asked myself, "Where, oh where, did I go wrong?" Then I heard my Mind remark to my Heart, "This is going to take more than one night.*" At any rate, I have posted the draft selections that they agreed on for you below. Please keep in mind that this does not include any compensatory draft picks, or reflect any trading that the Colts might do, up, or down. The reason for multiple names on every pick (with the exception of Round 1) is that the player of preferred choice may or may not be available by the time the Colts are again on the clock. If there are any questions as to why my Mind and Heart selected as they did, please leave a comment here or send a message to me and I will share that comment with my Heart and Mind and address it at a later date. With that said, here we go! Round 1: Pick 1: Andrew Luck (QB---Stanford) Round 2: Pick 34: Dre Kirkpatrick (CB---Alabama), Stephen Gilmore (CB---South Carolina),Janoris Jenkins (CB---North Alabama) Round 3: Pick 65: Peter Konz (C---Wisconsin), Phillip Blake (C---Baylor) Round 4: Pick 97: Alameda Ta’amu (DT---Washington), Brandon Taylor, (FS---LSU), Derek Wolfe (DE/DT---Cincinnati) Round 5: Pick 128: Shea McClellin (OLB---Boise State), Cordarro Law (OLB---Southern Miss) Round 6: Pick 175*: Jarius Wright (WR---Arkansas), Derek Moye, (WR---Penn State) Round 7: Pick 192: Randy Bullock (K---Texas A&M), Chase Ford (TE---Miami) *Reflecting Trade With Eagles *Special reference to Charles Shulz, cartoonist and creator of the comic strip: "Peanuts".
  25. My weekly blog, "My Mind and My Heart Were Arguing Last Night" is now up and running on today's edition, "And Southwest1 Started It This Time..." Each week I'll compare my feelings and my (though somewhat limited) brains on an issue pertinent to the Colts. Next week we'll focus in on a new subject, and I'm always open to ideas! If you want to suggest a topic to me, just shoot me a message. Thanks, have a great one! And God Bless America!

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      Yes, it would be a great party... Southwest1 and I would have the time of our lives eating delicious goodies and tossing handfuls of 20 dollar bills up into the air. And as he said, we would let our forum friends share in the fun...by webcam, though, of course.

    3. WeSpy


      Ah, ThePhantom007, I see where this is going! My Mind says no chance: There's not enough talent there to draw him, not enough cap room to bring in new talent to surround him with, he no longer knows the defenses of every team, and the Titans are not good enough to beat the Texans, let alone win a Super Bowl. My Heart says yes: He wants to stick it to the Colts, he perceives that the division is weak, he knows the teams, and he wants a "job for life".

    4. BrentMc11


      MY heart says Denver....my mind says the Colts would bring the heat(Titans)....

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