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  1. How much cap room did Houston have? seems as though they are signing everyone right now!!!
  2. Will be interesting to see if the dynamic of the game changes if Denver get a score here!
  3. Wow trevathan just saved the Broncos then!
  4. Almost completely forgot about buying tickets this morning Thankfully my friend sent me a text and after a quick run to a computer at Uni I'm going to wembley!!!!
  5. Nice! As I'm only a poor student I'm going to get mine on Thursday! (Fingers crossed!)
  6. I'd been wondering about John Harbaugh as well, could be a good shout.Hue Jackson is an interesting prospect as well though!
  7. Wahoo! I shall hopefully see some of you guys there!
  8. is I E-O still available? What would everyone make of us taking him if he's still there for our pick?
  9. I have nothing to add, just wanted to get in on such a historic moment
  10. Agreed, 4.53 at 246 is still very impressive, hard to see him falling out of the top 10/15 now!
  11. IMO it doesn't matter who you put in at RB, if the lines garbage it severely limits the run game, if you want the run game to improve the best tactic is to draft OL early, just look at Dallas the last couple of years, there will be quality backs later in the draft, I think it would be ridiculous going RB this early in the draft when we have so many more issues, specifically on defence
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