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  1. lavon brazil works under a collective bargaining agreement. He is subject to random drug tests. Jim Irsay isn't. There are tons of legal substances Jim and most of America can take Lavon can not. So yes, this is Jims first offense
  2. i never heard either side mention restructuring at all
  3. Please provide me a link of this fictional offer you speak of
  4. he isn't eligible for waivers anyway. if he is cut, which won't happen. He can sign wherever he wants
  5. Reggie was clearly on board with the direction Pagano wanted to go Reggie could have signed anywhere, but he chose to stay in IndyIf Ryan Fitzpatrick was going to be the qb, im guessing he would have went elsewhere
  6. I'm guessing Andre is one of the leaders in that locker room, much like Reggie is here
  7. i don't know, the guy you quoted said the best offensive player
  8. Yes, cornerbacks, elite left tackles, dominant pass rushing DE and OLBS. Many players threaten to hold out. It's a business, the owners and GMs play their games as well.
  9. So all they need is one of the greatest defenses in the history of the game. Gotcha, good luck with that Houston
  10. of coarse he wanted a qb. You can't win without one
  11. he has very few years left. The fact he is so dead set against the direction the team is headed should worry Texans fans
  12. I'm laughing because you say good riddance to the best player to ever wear a.Texans uniform.
  13. The league itself doesn't pay taxes. The money, by and large, goes to the owners and players. They do pay taxes.
  14. Can you blame him? The most glaring weakness on the team was QB, and they filled it with Ryan Fitzpatrick. He wants a chance at a ring
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