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  1. You need weapons, you don't need one guy going for big numbers. 3 800 yard guys and other contributors can also get it done. The Patriots have proved that many times
  2. Drafted Pittman and Thomas, signed Burton. Already had TY, Doyle , Hines, Mack and Pascal and Campbell. Ty, Mack and Burton are free agents. Weapons will be brought in
  3. I have no idea what Ballard's plans are. I have a hard time believing he isn't going to give his new qb some weapons
  4. https://www.thespax.com/nfl/the-misconstrued-legacy-of-peyton-manning/
  5. If Ballard doesn't re sign him, it won't be because of this
  6. We're not going to get lower cap hits on Wentz by extending him. His cap hits for indy are 2021. 25.4 million 2022. 22 million 2023. 25 million 2024. 26 million
  7. Fuller wasn't hurt last season. He was suspended
  8. Yes, what marquee free agents did they bring in this past season other than Brady
  9. They have started penalizing it, but big hits still happen every week.
  10. They own his rights forever unless he fulfills the contract or they trade his rights
  11. Roseman didnt commission the statue. Budweiser did.
  12. I guess you've never watched him play
  13. If he stays healthy he is obviously a weapon
  14. Why would he leave PA to hunt in Indiana? Especially in February. Side note, I know you weren't being serious
  15. No, you choose to second guess things that you are uninformed about. I bet you thought Earl Morral was going to suck in 68
  16. Hopeful. If you can't be hopeful, what's the point?
  17. There will be no QB competition. Wentz is the starter. If he is horrific Eason might get the nod
  18. Every fan should be optimistic. It's the reason they are fans. Why be a fan if you want to question every move and think their team is gonna suck. I've been a fan since the mayflower trucks rolled in. I've been optimistic every year since
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