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  1. How good your qb is plays a big role in that
  2. I'm guessing it will average out pretty close, unless of course we're dominating TOP.
  3. I understand that. How does he end up with 2 seconds?
  4. No, 12 games รท 17 games = 70.5 percent
  5. What are you basing that on? Also, how would that work compensation wise?
  6. I haven't seen a definitive. But 12 full games is a little over 70%
  7. If he only plays 12 games it's less than 75 percent, but I get your point
  8. Tannehills best in Miami wasn't as good as Wentz in Philly. Also , Tannehill didn't play in Philly. Philly media and fans are ruthless. Dolphins fans and media are softer than us. Im not a Talent evaluator. If Frank thinks he can get back to 2017 form and Ballard agrees, I'm all in. No coach currently employed in the NFL know Wentz better than Frank
  9. If the Colts have to bench him to keep from losing a first, they lost. I don't think that will happen though
  10. He won Comeback player of the year without being injured. The writers obviously felt something was broke
  11. Nick caserio is the GM. Janice McNair is the owner. Ok I mentioned them. Now what?
  12. No cap hit after this year according to sportrac
  13. Has to be more than a quarter. 19 minutes a game
  14. Just get a huge lead on the first 41 minutes. Sit Wentz let Eason play the last 19 minutes. Boom, we go undefeated and keep our first round pick.
  15. The owner hired the gm. The gm hired the coach. Why doesn't really matter
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