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  1. .... and never had a year as good as he did while leading them to the playoffs
  2. He is a leader here. Im guessing he isn't going to get huge offers in FA. I bet he is back for a 1 year deal
  3. Breaking news. Wentz texted Blue inquiring about the number 00. Blue only sent this in response. Not sure if this is yes or no however
  4. No, he told him on Twitter that he couldn't have it. It was crazy town around here
  5. Yeah, crazy how that went down. Tom's first game as a starter was a win against the Colts. The rest is history
  6. I can't think of any safety that played until 40.
  7. Drew Bledsoe is the only good qb to wear 11 that I can think of.
  8. Not surprisingly, almost everyone disagrees with your talent evaluation of Nelson https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ranking-top-10-offensive-linemen-for-2020-nfl-season-quenton-nelson-david-bakhtiari-lead-the-way/
  9. When did jacoby make 20 million a year to watch football
  10. I guess you think Khalil Mack isn't living up to his contract.
  11. Dude, I'm a fan of your posts. I think this is the first time I've ever disagreed with you. Keep doing what you're doing. Once in a while I will have a different take. That's ok
  12. Why the laughing emoji?
  13. You continue to to find ways to defend the fact that you don't think it's a big deal. Why? It's a non story.
  14. If carson was tom Brady or peyton manning I might agree. He isn't. He is a guy trying to re start his career. I see him and pittman on equal ground. What if his number was 18 in Philly? Do you think Irsay let's him wear it? There is a good chance Pittman spends his entire career here and Wentz flames out. Wentz is in no position to upset the apple cart. And to be fair, there is no evidence he is trying to do so. Only fans trying to make something out of nothing
  15. Why? It's Pittmans number . It was Wentz number in Philly. He isn't in Philly anymore. I don't see why Pittman would give it up. Maybe Pittman has endorsement deals with him in that number, maybe it's his mom's favorite number. It doesn't really matter. The number is his. It's not like Wentz is a hall of fame player coming in.
  16. Yes I did. No reason to post the AJ brown tweet that he deleted unless you thought it was a big deal
  17. Stats say otherwise
  18. Why would you post the AJ Brown tweet otherwise?
  19. I would rather keep Houston than sign watt. If we could get both, right on
  20. I think it's obvious you think it's an issue because you keep posting things that you think make it an issue.
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