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  1. The Oline... I would like to see them play a little more.. But it is risky.. Dont want to see a knee get rolled up on in a meaningless game..
  2. Wow... you are a glass is half ful kinda guy huh? Passing game is iffy?? What team have you been watching the past 10 years?
  3. I really liked Devin.. He did some good things with the bears.. I think Peyton could have made him really good..
  4. Thats why it say predictions... I guess argueing if Caldwell is a good coach, or if Donald Brown is a bust ad nauseum is better... Carry on..
  5. My magic 8ball says "My sources say no" We're screwed!!
  6. Which Colts do you guy think have a chance to make the Pro Bowl this year? PM (almost as sure as anything if he stays healthy) Reggie.. I think he goes even if Peyton misses time. Dallas.. I really look for him to have a big year, especially if Collie and Gonzo miss alot of time. Freeny.. He looked dominiant against Chad Clifton... Mathis.. Is almost the force that Freny is. Mcafee.. This guy has been great in the pre season. If he gets some long Field Goal atempts at the end of halfs, he could break the longest FG record.. It goes without saying this all depends if these guys can stay h
  7. Im a certified witch doctor... He is gonna be fine
  8. I hope someone else points out that if he was left on the PUP list he would have had to sit out six weeks... Barely any mention of it...
  9. I think your friend is punking you..
  10. The fact he is going to practice, if even on a limited basis, is a great sign..... Im sure he will have on two red jerseys and armed bodyguards in the pocket... lol
  11. Did anyone watch the Lions D-line man handle the Pats... that was great...
  12. So actually Tryon is faster
  13. i hope you meant .1 or .2 seconds... Either that or tryon is running a 5.5 or 6.5 40.. which would make him the slowest DB in the history of football
  14. I love your profile pic.. makes me laugh every time i see it... NEEEEEERRRRDDDS!!!
  15. Look down like 2 threads and you will find this cuts thread
  16. Painter looked better... he still only completed 50% of his passes..
  17. The guy has TJ Housyomomma on the final 53 and he isnt even on the team.... gimme a break
  18. neither Brown or Hughes will get cut.. and i dont see Gonzo or painter getting cut either
  19. Well hopefully he has finally learned .. With the teams kicking from the 40 now, and very few run backs occur, why not always use the hands team in the 4th quarter??
  20. I have a feeling Vaughn and his playbook may be taking a trip to the coaches office very soon
  21. Painter is starting... Collins will be dressed but not expected to play
  22. They run a timing offense.. He throws the ball ALOT before the WR turns to look.. They are supposed to be ready to catch it. Im not blaming Reg for the pick at all... But to say throwing the ball before the WR faces the QB is bad is wrong on your part
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