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  1. I rememeber in 99 when we played the cowboys, Marvin burning Deion for about a 40 yard TD
  2. Why?? Both were excellent college players..
  3. Maybe he hates Chicks, not that there is anything wrong with that..
  4. Irsay just gave away 2 tickets to fridays game and 2 boxes of Honey nut cheerios.... What could the cheerios mean... lets see... Bees make honey.. Brett starts with B.. People have CHEERed for Brett.. Guys I think i cracked the code.. Not sure about the nut part however...
  5. Then explain how Sorgi has a Super Bowl ring..
  6. It would be to me as well if we had a legit QB running the show.. They can stack the box and still not be worried about Painter beating them
  7. lol On a side note.. Does anyone else think the lol (L0L) should be less animated than the (r0tflmao) Thoughts? Discussion?
  8. Best options i have heard yet... You should start another "MR IRSAY PLZ READ" thread and make sure he sees this advice...
  9. Or Hal Hunter, Rod dowhower, Rick Venturi, Lindy Infante
  10. Wasnt compketing all of his passes? He has barely completed half of his passes.. If not for a great catch by Garcon in the Rams game he would be below 50%. This isnt the BIG 10 and didnt he get benched at one point his senior year? If the Colts FO truly believed Peyton wouldnt be ready, they would have picked up someone else... Heck.. ANYONE ELSE!!!
  11. Bottom line.. If 18 isnt under center, it doesnt really matter who the backup is.. The team is going nowhere..
  12. If they were trying to implement an offense Painter could run, it would be more run heavy..
  13. I wis we had Jack Trudeau now to back up Peyton.. Even a 49 year old Jack would make me sleep easier at night than turning the team over to Curtis...
  14. Man this sounds so familiar... LAst time i checked the Texans have NEVER had a winning record. Forgive me if im not too worried.
  15. HE has very little left his final season he was here.. I dont think they will be making that call
  16. Its not an injury.. It was an operation, a minor one at that.. He will play week 1.. He may be a little sore and a bit rusty... but he will play
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