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  1. Collie should get this helmet... with a facemask
  2. The loss of Bob Sanders has nothing to do with the success of this team.... He didnt play last year and they still won 10 games
  3. Not exactly the best front office back in the day... We are lucky Jim Irsay is smart enough to know he needs a guy like Polian.
  4. Imagine if the Colts were able to land Luck though... A QB coached by the QB that took Indy to the first AFC Championship game since moving here and is in the ring of honor... Would be cool... wont happen, but would be cool
  5. With Peyton yes... Without.. no
  6. When did Kerry Collins work in a grocery store?? He was a 1st round draft pick.. 5th overall
  7. Im with you... I will gladly eat crow if he lights it up.. If he does then he should start if PM cant week 1... Lord help us if PM misses and significant amount of time...
  8. Kerry Collins or PM start week 1... Curtis will be doing what he does best... Holding a clip board
  9. He is making 4 mill for this season is the report so far... I hope its wrong
  10. Well, we would have to suck for that to happen... So im not hoping Caldwell gets fired before Peyton is ready to go...
  11. Im hoping Manning takes Caldwell with him when he retires..
  12. If they believed any of that he wouldnt have got a new huge contract with a bunch of guarenteed money.. Im sure he will be fine, eventually.. Its just taking a little longer than anticipated
  13. Good point... But Kerry Collins has thrown him as many TD's as Painter has...
  14. We arent going to trade the entire draft to get Luck... There is no "sure thing"
  15. if someone can tell me a way to evaluate a qb that doesnt involve performance i would love to hear it. Painter is TERRIBLE..
  16. 34 was the number of one of the best backs of all time...
  17. It has nothing to do with undefeated... Maybe if he had a QB rating in the teens we would feel a little better...
  18. Curtis, relax... youre still gettin paid this year buddy...
  19. Python Manstring sounds good is he availible?? MR IRSAY PLZ READ!!!! PS.... Thom Bradley does suck
  20. I was a Bears fan living in Indy in 84... My dad bought us season tix to for the Colts and i never looked back.. Although i had to root for the Bears in 85
  21. Mortensen just tweeted Collins is going to make 4 mill this year... That is crazy!! I was all for getting him, but not for that price..
  22. Collie is nowhere near injury prone... Atleast not yet.. Did you see the hits he took last year.. Hopefully he is fully recovered from those concussions
  23. If he can stay healthy i thimk he easily get 1000 and 9
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