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  1. http://www.nfl.com/n..._headline_stack


    Indianapolis has been down this road before, and managed the situation creatively. In 2007, the Colts selected

    Anthony Gonzalez

    , an Ohio State fourth-year junior, with their first-round pick. Ohio State, like Stanford, is on the quarter system, so Gonzalez couldn't report until mid-June. So then-quarterback

    Peyton Manning

    went to the receiver, taking it upon himself to drive the three hours to Columbus to teach the rookie the offense."

    Except we dont have Peyton to go teach him this time...

  2. perhaps but at the same time this isnt Poker ya cant see the persons eyes or body movements across from a table, if no one picks up that phone and we dont either were on the hook for a major cap hit

    If they are wanting to trade him, im sure they have let teams know it

  3. thats not elite. when i think of the TEs. i think of jimmy graham, gronk, finley, gates, tony g can still get it done. those guys are elite

    Those guys are in way different passing offenses

    graham has brees(46 tds)

    gronk has brady (39 tds)

    finley has rodgers (45 tds)

    gates has rivers (27 tds)

    Tony G has Matt Ryan (29 tds)

    Davis has Alex Smith (17 yds)

    Gates and Gonzalez each had 7 tds

  4. I disagree. I think the comparison was apt, and timely, to expose what was necessary.

    So the 100th best CB in the league who spent 3 seasons = FHOF QB who changed the the views on professional football in Indiana and the reason the team has a new stadium and still resides in Indiana. Interesting view point..

  5. The offense for the colts isn't as bad as the media make it out to be, I think griffin will have the better career for one reason and that his accuracy with the deep ball.. more big plays n TDs. Has one of the most accurate deep ball I've ever seen in college ball.

    Did you watch the Colts last year?? I think the O is worse than the media makes it to be.

  6. The fact that Powers is ranked 86th, and he's our highest rated CB, shows that it probably had more to do with scheme than players.

    But still, a team needs a whipping boy, and Jacob Lacey fit the profile for so long. I wonder who will step into that role now that he and Pollak are gone, and Linkenbach should be a bench player at best.

    There will be plenty of whipping boys this upcoming season i fear..

  7. Against what stream? I'm just not as googly eyed as some of you are... I actually think luck will have better success earlier on than Griffin.. so its not like I dislike him which is far from it. I can tell you right now the same ppl praising luck for what he hasn't done in the NFL yet will be the same ppl bashing him if he studers

    I actually think Griffen will have the better start. He will be going to a much better team than Luck will. I think Luck will have the better career though.

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