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  1. Did you watch the Colts last year?? I think the O is worse than the media makes it to be.
  2. Im sure the Redskin boards are full of those types of comparisons.
  3. There will be plenty of whipping boys this upcoming season i fear..
  4. I actually think Griffen will have the better start. He will be going to a much better team than Luck will. I think Luck will have the better career though.
  5. I think they may have ranked him too high... lol
  6. https://twitter.com/#!/WilliamsAbby she is Irsays assistant
  7. "The old adage in the business that is the NFL is this: If, after the start of free agency to the beginning of the March owners meeting, you haven't signed a new deal with a team, you are either done or you're going to sign a one-year deal, vet-minimum deal." I dont necessarily agree with this. There are still some good FA's left that will get deals.
  8. New Coach.. If Polian would have been fired when Dungy was still the coach, he would have still run a cover 2
  9. Peyton wasnt hyped as much as this kid. I hope he can handle it. I know i wouldnt have been able to in my early 20's
  10. I will agree with that.. He clearly isnt on 18's level. But who is?
  11. Believing we will be good in a few years is one thing.. Thinking a rookie HC a rookie GM and a rookie QB will take a 2-14 to 10-6 in its first year is a bit much.
  12. Actually he just said he picked a play based on the defensive shell.. Basically the same thing Peyton did, other than having the abilty to change the routs of WR's
  13. I think the reason he got nailed so hard was because he lied to Goodell. As far as Robinson and the the players involved, nobody know how bad its gonna get for them. Also the HC is responsible for his staff. Kind of like when college players take money or benefits from boosters and the NCAA finds out, the coach usually gets nailed too
  14. Thats the way it works in fantasy football.. So it must be how the NFL does it.. :lol: :lol:
  15. Reggie is a good wr, he is not a deep threat, Cincy had the 7th overall defense in the league last year (total yards) 9th in scoring So top ten in both, i doubt our D will be anywhere near that good this year, Say what you want about Marvin Lewis, but he has been a coch in the NFL for 20 years. A DC for 6 years and a HC for 9. Pagano has been a DC for one year.
  16. With an established coach, good defense, and a stud WR.. We have none of those
  17. Nothing is worse than Peyton in any uni other than a Colts uni..
  18. He cant be given a playbook until the draft i dont think..
  19. It is a gravy schedule.. Too bad we just blew the team up
  20. Ummm, if he runs a 2.5 40 and a 100 inch vertical i would be happy taking him.. It would be like having Barry Sanders in Techmo Bowl back in the day
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