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  1. Coaches don’t like to go into the game with only one QB that knows their system
  2. The QB needy teams can’t afford to take a risk this late in the weekly cycle
  3. The teams that needed QBs already filled their needs
  4. Did you sleep through the Indianapolis Colts of 84-95 when mediocre was the hope?
  5. I guess they feel David Fales is better than CK
  6. Not sure found it in the gif section
  7. Stats mean nothing to actual football people
  8. And you point is It is time to move on for some here because at this point CK is not here
  9. That is better than CK who fits 0
  10. Archie Manning had a terrible W/L % too You can’t win games with inferior pieces around you
  11. It appears that FR and the Colts feel that CK is not a quality backup for JB
  12. There were 255 in his draft class alone
  13. Glow and Smith are not communicating on the stunts
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