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  1. It was used quite a bit in writing and film prior to the 60s
  2. That is why I called it a potential franchise killer The KC Brain Trust will need to make every DP count
  3. I am Been to more KC games than Colt Games
  4. This is the coach in me but I would prefer to see what a new guys has to offer over someone who has a book already For example I would prefer to see what FG has at TE over IB or ML
  5. In my book the Street FAs(Vets) would be the first to go
  6. This will be a different camp and a full 90 will not be needed
  7. It looks like the TC rosters will be 80 not 90
  8. Just heard that some of the minority owners are trying to sell their stocks
  9. I will be watching the WNBA it will happen in every sport at almost every level @aaron11
  10. So true The ownership has not helped either
  11. It is the same reason why several school districts are waiting to finalize new year plans this month This is a very fluid situation
  12. That is why I attached the coach’s decision tag on CK This will not be a regular camp so 4 QBs might not be needed
  13. Mr. Dilger needs to be mentioned
  14. I would rather keep someone with promise but no NFL tape over someone who has proven that they struggle in the NFL You also must look at the practice numbers
  15. I would keep a few of those since they are UDFAs
  16. In no particular order Chad Kelly-coaches decision Bruce Anderson Rodney Adams Artavis Scott Ian Bunting Matt Lengel
  17. I have known nothing but sports and it also allowed me to be “normal”
  18. I don’t even need to look at the Pros I can just look in the mirror, across the room, and at the NGSC Yearbooks and Athletic Histories to know it There are more than 50 years of coaching in my family
  19. Mr. Nixon Or Herbert Hoover
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