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  1. Just like in real life college success means very little in the NFL
  2. I year doesn’t make someone elite It is a good start for him but he is not there yet
  3. I feel sorry for everyone outside the Colts Cone
  4. Never said that CK will not be in the 53 but the signing of Hoyer to a multi year contract and resigning of JB indicates that they feel he needs some seasoning
  5. It also might be determined by O/D practice
  6. I thought PW would last a little longer
  7. I am hope for wins on Thursday(LV Aces), Friday(Princeton Community), Saturday(Kentucky) before Sunday
  8. I saw the celebration kind of like the way the Kentucky Colonel award are given out in the Bluegrass State
  9. Classy move by the Mayor I agree Some do it for their home areas
  10. Lions did trade for Blough most of the guys picked had some form of experience
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