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  1. The use of the word “only” makes your argument faulty and worthless
  2. I know his stats I go by a stadium named for him daily
  3. If AV had not the hiccups and/or had LAC played like they did last week it would have been 2-0
  4. There was a reason we got to choose PM
  5. You forgot about the three headed monster of Mack, Wilkins, and Hines
  6. Should be around for the 80s and early 90s
  7. I among many others feel different
  8. Thanks @ColtsBlueFL for the clarification on my GIF
  9. In my book Chad Kelly is in training to become Pete Rose it was actually a discussion of HOFs
  10. You can never compare different generations He was the 1st Baseman of the 40s and 50s not to mention his Managerial career I know of three communities and a multiple fan bases that beg to differ on him
  11. Hasn’t worked for Gil Hodges He has 300+ HRs as a player and a WS with the Miracle Mets as a manager
  12. He should be in but the problem is that when he was a prime candidate he was not allowed on the ballot and now many of the voters didn’t get to see him I am 41 and only got to see him at the end of his career and I know him more for his downfall
  13. When and if JB falters and if BH is not the answer CB, FR, NS, and MB can bring up CK or sign/trade for someone who can
  14. He was banned by the Commissioner and made the The Baseball writers mad
  15. Yes There were some guys who only played in the AFPA, AAFC, and AFL in the HOF He is in the CFL HOF
  16. It is the NFL HOF It is not like the Basketball HOF The only leagues that they give credut to are the AAFC and AFL which were absorb by the NFL
  17. Pete took himself out of consideration for quite a while with his illegal off the field behavior
  18. Since they were rarely shown down here I focused on the Princeton Tigers and the athletes that my Mom and Dad taught/coached
  19. Tell me how JN is in Canton and Gil Hodges is not in Cooperstown
  20. @bhougland @MPStack he is also in the CFL HOF Very Impressive
  21. It didn’t hurt him that he single handily broke a certain glass ceiling
  22. PFF= Rick Venturi for me I do the exact opposite
  23. I forgot about Moon when I mentioned Archie
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