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  1. I see them as positive since FR tends to modify his O to his personnel
  2. Since he is a Jr. he has the option He might have to prove that he is back to 100% If it appears that he might drop a lot it might be in his best interest to stay in college No One knows but this type of injury has been a career ender for others
  3. I like the eye test There are so many factors that determine if a person will be successful at their chosen career
  4. I got burned by a few polls before and don’t gamble so I like the sure thing
  5. Because of my life around coaches I put the eye test above “unproven” stats In my book Unproven Stats are ones that I have not had a chance to study film of
  6. There are always outliers so as much as we might want a spray chart to be perfect there is always a possibility
  7. There are some here that have belittled anyone who would like to pump the brake on stats when I was coaching the were multiple scouting reports that were thrown out or disregarded when the coaching staff watched the corresponding film The problem is that every stat can be thrown out of whack Example 1: For several years Evansville Memorial and Evansville Mater Dei would end the regular season with less then 3 wins but would routinely go deep in the tournament Example 2: the 2019 Princeton Community Tigers finished the regular season at 1-8 because of schedule and injuries but got to the sectional final
  8. You asked the question that is what I said multiple times and was told that was why my HS some bad years
  9. This is why HS trade multiple tapes before a game
  10. As a Moderator You are held at a higher standard Try overlooking things People that use them often do
  11. The Colts aren’t and it is time to move on If stats were the be al l all end all Ryan Leaf and several others would be hall of famers not draft busts I live by stats and organization and know they are sometimes faulty and can cause big problems
  12. Stats alone are often not your friend Stats are just one piece of a giant pizza that is a players season They are a great starting point but you must look at other factors like The Opposing D/O, Gameplan, and Game Location
  13. In most cases if he drops past 15 he will have at least 1 “red shirt” year and lose money
  14. Miami is a QB needy team The fans will not be happy
  15. There is no guarantee that Tua will be ready by draft or ever The QB needy teams can’t afford to take a risk
  16. They are several fans that any hope of going to games is stopped for various medical reasons
  17. You don’t know who Randy Savage, Ric Flair, The Ultimate Warrior, or Stone Cold Steve Austin are?
  18. It looks they might be relying on backups and/or newbies in the Secondary
  19. The O schemes around the league have begun to swing back away from the run and gun style of the late 90s and 2000s
  20. I have been very happy since he was a small school guy
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