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  1. So is the WNBA crew Lindsey Allen of the LV Aces had one inconclusive test and was quarantined immediately and will not be allowed back into the Wubble until she has multiple negative tests
  2. I wonder how long before the NFL shifts away from the MLB model to a modified NBA, NHL, WNBA model
  3. @w87r @2006Coltsbestever Lorenzo Cain just o ted out of the MLB season after playing 5 games
  4. The same way every HS and college coach makes these decisions and
  5. The Reds PreGame crew called Miley an under the Radar signing @2006Coltsbestever @RollerColt
  6. WNBA started this past weekend NBA starts this weekend All NBA teams are in Orlando all WNBA are at IMG Academy
  7. Eason is under contract in 2021 CK is not
  8. It is the Lucas Oil Family bought near him @Nadine
  9. There is some connection between my family and every athlete to come out the Tri-State(In, Il, and Ky)
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