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  1. I am a sports freak(grew up in locker rooms and around HS Athletes) but when my teams are done(Pacers and Blackhawks) I am done
  2. It was very windy and extremely here in Princeton TBH I am surprised that there was limbs down in our back 40
  3. We had quite a bit of rain but not much else(I guess since I walked the property and so no damage)
  4. April 27 Through the Years 

     1521- Ferdinand Magellan is killed by Philippine Natives


     1570- Pope Pius V calls Elizabeth I a heretic 


     1667- John Milton sells the copyright of Paradise Lost


     1861- President Lincoln suspends Habeas Corpus


     1865- Cornell University created


    1936- The United Auto Workers gains autonomy from  American Federation of Labor


     1967- Expo 67 opens in Montreal


     1986- Chernobyl Nuclear Disater

  5. April 26 Through the Years 

     1865- John Wilkes Booth shot and killed


     1933- The Gestapo is established 



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