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  1. It your right to bash him and it is others right to defend him I don’t think I have every defended him just the decision to keep him and given myself a headache by asking everyone to move one Peace Out from TigerTown
  2. I don’t care because it is Wednesday and I do not live in the past
  3. So true @EastStreet If the team replaced AV the team would also lose his leadership which could be worrisome
  4. Agreed That is what I meant by KOS NE is having Kicking issues themselves so I don’t think they would sign AV
  5. I think the last time the Colts carried 2 Ks was in 2000 with Danny Kight as a KOS
  6. Friendly reminder from TigerTown dwelling in the past only causes pain and negativity
  7. It also doesn’t mean that anyone who still supports said player are crackpots and should be belittled This is not middle so stop They won last week with RS
  8. The 25 point thing The spread is based off of last years record and predicted finish of 7th in the MVC Most of the key cogs of the Purple Aces last night were not on the roster last year for various reasons and/or know Walter’s system
  9. Not as much as you think since I went to the other Evansville school(University of Southern Indiana) after only being allowed to use 1 scholarship at UE and they decided to drop football in 1997( my Dad is a UE alum who played football)
  10. why would the coaches worry about that Coaches coach no matter if is it in front of 50,000 or 50
  11. I can tell you from experience coaches tune out the stands on game day Good coaches at any level do not concern themselves with fans The loss of ticket sales might hurt Irsay but not FR and CB Since the Colts have a Season Ticket waiting list Those tickets will be sold
  12. Why would they care about a group of fans that they probably don’t know
  13. I don’t just think there are people like you and others who have been through so much
  14. I agree The only time that I ever questioned my loyalty to the Colts was after the team cut my guy Ken Dilger
  15. I had high hopes for him but somehow he regressed from his red shirt year That was a team loss
  16. Very true Yes AV missed a few kicks but there are so many other factors
  17. There is no reason to ruin your week when the outcome does not affect them at all There are some in here who are acting like I did when I was 5 and the Princeton Community Tigers loss(I knew/know every one of those players personally)
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