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  1. Since 1958 I've seen worse, so all I can say is this for this week at least.

    I look at it this way as a Colts fans. We'er not much worse than the Saints!!! 41 points to 40 on D and not much more and the would of could of's on scoring points and cellar dwellers!!! I'm ecstatic (Being in a state of ecstasy; joyful or enraptured) Things are looking up!!!! LOL!!!

    Consider the Saints gave their points up to a rookie QB.

  2. 1.Memorial Stadium, RCA Dome, Lucas Oil Stadium

    2.Green and Silver

    3.Blue and White

    4.NFL Championships in 58, 59, 68. Super Bowl Champions in 70, and 2006.

    5. Blue

    6. Cheerleaders

    7. NFL Western, AFC

    8.Dayton Triangles

    9.Western Conference

    10.Raymond Berry, Johnny Unitas, Lenny Moore, Art Donovan, i think John Mackey.

    11. 19 Unitas 82 Raymond Berry 77 Jim Parker 70 Art Donovan 77 Jim Parker 89 Gino Marchetti 22 Buddy Young

    12. 12th man Marvin Harrison Rob Irsay Bill Brooks Jim Harbaugh

    13.Billy Vessels

    14.George Shaw

    15.Ron Mix

    16.88, 91, 04, 08

    17. Dayton Triangles, Baltimore Colts, Dallas Texans, Baltimore Colts, Indianapolis Colts

    18.Joe Thomas


    20. John Sandusky, Rick Venturi, Hal Hunter, Joe Thomas, Ron Meyer

    Very Good

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