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  1. @2006Coltsbestever Forgot to mention that the RSN will be rebranding themselves over the summer
  2. The Dodgers tried something similar and it did not go well since no one carried them
  3. The Cubs are starting their own network and the affiliation with NBCChicago and ABC7 are being terminated It will(could) be unavailable on WNDY and WTVW and it is not clear whether it will be carried by DirecTV, Dish, or any major cable companies if they do for most of Indiana it would be only available RSN packages and Extra Innings
  4. @2006Coltsbestever @HOZER Enjoy the Cubs games while you can because more than likely they won’t be available next year
  5. I have heard some crazy trophy stories but this is the first with the Lombardi
  6. Technically “Eight Men Out” has fellow Gibson County native Edd Rousch represented since he was a Reds starter in the 1919 series The movie featured White Sox Reds
  7. Part of the collection “Different Seasons Trivia Question What Golden Age Movie Siren was in the novella title?
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