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  1. As @2006Coltsbestever and @Lucky Colts Fan have said it is more to do with talent and name recognition that race
  2. Highlight Footage is the Cliff Note Version of Game Film Every coaching staff in every sport and league around the world use them every week of their season use them in some form to prepare for the next game and/or series
  3. There are people on here making very personal attacks
  4. I guess you know more than Mr. Reich
  5. Nice burn since PHS went out of existence when my Mom was a Junior
  6. Still 3-2 Good coaches make changes on the fly
  7. If you were around and not belligerent you would know several on here do know my story
  8. I will take my cue from people who played in and/or make a living in the NFL not someone who sits behind a screen
  9. That is not a fanboy response it is one developed from a childhood + in a locker room
  10. This is real football not fantasy and the 60+ people employed be the team care less about Power rankings Exactly what I was thinking
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