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  1. He also came on the field a little late and rushed the missed kick. He's 16/18 overall through three games, with no preseason, as a rookie. It's kind of low to bang on him at this point. Kickers miss kicks every once in a while. By the way, if we're going to compare him to AV last year, let's look at AV's numbers through three games. He was 2/5 on XPs, and 3/5 on FGs, 50% overall.
  2. I just watched that play again. I think the secondary missed the play call, period. I don't know if Rhodes was wrong or Moore was wrong, but someone was. And on the other side, they let a receiver go uncovered the same way in the opposite corner of the end zone. So something wasn't right. I've said plenty of times that I'm confused about what our scheme is; I think the players might be also. But good recovery by Rhodes, and great play to take the ball away. And the first pick, being in phase with the receiver, getting back to make a play, and more importantly making th
  3. Yeah, just to be clear it wasn't a judgment on my part. Just saying, they couldn't really proceed without the video evidence. It was the backbone of the case. And the comment about Goodell was just snark, since he likes to destroy video evidence related to accusations against the Patriots.
  4. Lots of question marks in the secondary. For me, the questions start with the scheme. I don't think Ballard went into the 2017 draft planning to change the defense a year later; that's an assumption that people accept as fact, and I think that's undetermined. Still, Hooker would fit fine into the defense I assume we want to play (still don't know what exactly the scheme is meant to be), although the value for a mid first rounder isn't exactly there. Not a waste if Hooker plays well. Hooker's play never matched expectations after his knee injury, and declining the option was more an indication
  5. Will he get fined tomorrow?
  6. Ultimately, it's results that matter. But yeah, I've understood his approach at WR to this point. I wasn't thrilled with guys like Ryan Grant or Kamar Aiken, but the roster was still under development at that point. Now he's used 2nd rounders in back to back years, and we're gonna need to see something out of it eventually. I'm not writing anyone off. Just not giving anyone credit for potential. I'm talking about the lack of results. And this goes back several years. Since Reggie got hurt in 2013, we've been without a reliable #2. Hakeem Nicks, Donte Moncrief
  7. That's a pretty sensational thread title, OP.
  8. The court decided not to allow the video evidence, leaving them with no way to pursue the case. Sounds like Roger Goodell's methods...
  9. Had the Patriots been accused of anything serious to that point? Had they been found guilty? Just from my recollection, I think the answer is no. Spygate didn't become common knowledge until 2007. Maybe teams/coaches had complained about the Pats to that point, but I don't know if there's a specific link to be made between these two things. And I'm not defending the Pats, nor am I defending a decision to handcuff PM in a playoff game. I'm saying a) I don't know how accurate that story is about PM being told not to audible (maybe it's true, but I don't know if we have confirmation a
  10. Ehh, I don't really agree. Herbert went at #6. He wasn't really in play for the Colts, who had #13. And if you do move up and he's not right for you, that's definitely worse than passing on a QB who winds up being pretty good. I don't think a GM should operate from the stance that their favorite QB in the draft is going to become Patrick Mahomes; on average, first round QBs underperform, not overperform. So not addressing QB isn't worse, IMO, not when we're talking about giving up significant assets to get the guy you want. Love hasn't played yet. Preliminary reports a
  11. I don't know about that one... but this was the playoffs of the 2003 season, Manning was at the very beginning of his stretch of dominance over the league. Dungy was also a very conservative head coach, even for 2003. Can't imagine any coach giving these instructions in 2020, but the league has become a lot more progressive in a relatively short period of time. It was two years later in the playoffs against the Steelers when PM had to shoo the punt team off the field for a 4th down play. We all remember the visual. But I decided to look up the play by play. It was 21-3, Steelers,
  12. The inability to find a quality receiver behind TY has been a theme for seven years now. Ballard hasn't gotten that one right, yet. Not necessarily his fault -- Funchess got hurt, now Campbell is hurt -- but the results aren't there. TY got hurt last year, and there was little behind him; now TY is struggling to start this year, in Year 9 for him, and we don't know if anyone else will be able to fill the void. Even if TY turns it on, what else is there? Just pointing out an area where Ballard needs a win.
  13. He inherited a team with a franchise level QB, and in Ballard's three seasons as GM prior to 2020, that QB played 16 games. Not to mention the other nonsense and drama that's happened. Ballard has been dealt a rough hand to start his tenure as GM. That said, the winning has to start this year. He's completely revamped the roster, he's chosen and invested in a QB (still a bridge, but Rivers was brought in to help elevate the offense, so Ballard and Reich will be judged on how this move plays out), and he's selected a coaching staff. The drama is done. Now it's time for results on th
  14. Thanks. I still don't understand why a player vlogging would be a reason for concern. It would be inaccurate to say that Pittman vlogging is the least of my worries, because it doesn't register as a worry in the slightest.
  15. Do you mind sharing why any concern over this could be reasonable?
  16. In what way is vlogging in violation of any area of being a Colt?
  17. The guarantee would have triggered once he hit IR, I believe. It was $6.7m. It's possible that if he were cleared by all doctors prior to the start of the league year, the team could rescind that option; that's a grey area, but I think that would result in a grievance. Speaking of, if a player's doctor said he's not recovered but the team says he is, and they tried to rescind his option, I'm certain it would result in a grievance.
  18. He separates on slant routes well, and holds on to the ball. I'm liking him so far. I also like how the offense looks on screen passes. Those are two areas the offense has really struggled for ten years, and it looks like we're finally going to see some proficiency there moving forward. And we have a good OL. Just clean up some other areas and the offense should be good to go.
  19. I would love it, but it would cost teams and the league more money, so they won't let it happen.
  20. The offense is struggling to score in the red zone. Part of that is turnovers (at least Rivers' INT yesterday wasn't his fault; he had a pretty good game), failed 3rd and 4th downs, a missed kick... And they've still scored 20 and 28 points. They could clean up a few things and be at 30+ every week. Yesterday's game plan was stubborn, IMO. Reich is still feeling out his team. It could tell us the defense is terrible. Or it could tell us they're playing with more discipline.
  21. After a rewatch, I'm less impressed by the defense. Still a good game (after a rough first drive), much better than last week. But Cousins was awful. He missed several open receivers, he was inaccurate and indecisive, the safety was an iffy call, and receivers dropped passes. Results are results, but the Vikings passing offense was really bad. Good game by the D line. Tackling was okay, not great. Coverage was okay, not great (lots of ticky tack penalties, yesterday; that crew was awful, IMO). They mixed it up nicely. They get another questionable offense
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