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  1. 9 minutes ago, Steamboat_Shaun said:


    Fair, but to assume that what we saw yesterday is as good as it gets with Brissett is shortsighted IMO. Luck had his share of shaky games in this same scheme last year, so it's only fair to assume that Brissett will have some growing pains as well. At this point, he's probably the least of my worries, can't say that about our kicker though. Yikes.


    I'm so disinterested in comparing Brissett to Luck, I'm very over that whole angle. 


    I'm just giving my sincere thoughts about Brissett as a QB. And of course, saying I think he was bad yesterday doesn't mean that I think yesterday is representative of his ceiling.


    And I think the kicker situation is simple. At some point, either AV is going to prove he can still play, or he's going to be replaced. The QB situation is a lot more opaque. Determining whether our QB is good enough to go to the SB isn't just about raw numbers.

  2. Just now, csmopar said:

    hmmm interesting thought for sure.  But wouldn't that show up in the pre-game warm up kicks he's making?  I mean he was hitting from 60 plus in warm ups.


    I think it would at least show up at other times, not just in games.

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  3. Just now, LuckyHorseShoe§ said:

    Agreed. Sticky situation, but cutting him or benching him is an awful thing to do to one of the best guys to ever play football


    Just now, chad72 said:


    I'd say get him some home cooking, maybe kicking indoors again may get his "mojo" back. If a couple of games at home don't work, you can safely say he is done.


    I don't know about that. If the other 52 guys play well enough to put the team in position to win, and the kicker can't convert, it's not fair to the team to keep him out there. Even if he looks great at home, there are six more games on the road. Do you wait to see if he struggles on the road again? And I assume that's similar to his thought process.


    I'm not one of these in a hurry to get rid of him, but my level of concern went from 'I hope he gets it together' to 'it looks like he's done' in just seven days. He's 2/8, all from distances that shouldn't be a problem. He's dealt with no wind or weather. It's very problematic at this point.


    AV has had bad stretches before. This seems different.

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  4. Just now, Mitch Connors said:


    I think the big problem in your post is its all about what AV wants. The NFL has been and always will be a league about what you can do next, not what you've done in the past. As much as I like AV this shouldn't be his choice - the guys missed 7 kicks in his past 3 games. The Colts should say, "you're gonna be benched. You can retire on your own terms or you can be cut'. 


    A Hall of Fame resume has nothing to do with this. Can he make the kicks? The answer is no. 


    Not really. I'm talking about this from AV's perspective because all reports indicate it's his choice right now. My post has nothing to do with how the Colts should handle it, because it looks like AV is going to handle it himself. 

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  5. 32 minutes ago, chad72 said:

    How is it that much different? AV will be quitting on the team in the beginning of a season than 2 weeks prior to the season. Granted he is not a QB but the team would be trying to talk him out of retirement just like they did with Luck. It is not like Ballard got a backup QB like Brissett in the case of Luck, with a quality backup kicker for AV.


    He is a class act but he should not retire if the team doesn't have better options out there, unless the team wants to part with him.


    A kicker is not a QB, with the team built around him. AV is 46, Luck wasn't 30 yet. AV can't perform right now, last time we saw Luck he was as good as ever. We could argue that AV would be hurting the team by staying.


    I don't think a player's decision to retire should be based on whether the team has options. It should be up to the player, and the team will have to adjust as necessary. 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Steamboat_Shaun said:


    He looked a tad indecisive at times, but the Titans were doing a good job getting pressure & the secondary was lights out for the most part. But how about that play to Cain... that's a big time TD if Adoree Jackson doesn't grab his jersey then bear hug him in midair.


    A tad??


    He was double-clutching for no reason. That led to the fumble, it led to Hines getting blown up, etc. He made some really good throws yesterday, but some of his decisions were really bad, and his feet were slow all day (as a passer; he was Houdini when escaping the pocket). I thought Brissett was really bad yesterday...

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  7. 39 minutes ago, stitches said:

    To me he looked hesitant and not sure in what he was seeing yesterday. The Titans did the same to Mayfield last week. They present some exotic front formations and coverage setups that seem to confuse inexperienced QBs. It's possible part of it was due to what the defense was showing him yesterday. 


    I assume he'll look more like Week 1 against the Falcons, since they run a similar defense. Gus Bradley/Dan Quinn, same coaching tree. If they get back to that Week 1 gameplan, but find a way to take a few shots downfield, I'll be satisfied.

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  8. During the broadcast they said AV told them that if he was the GM, he would have cut himself after last week's game. Probably tongue-in-cheek, but combine that with his previous comments that he doesn't want to be a liability, and the fact that he took some time to decide whether to come back after last season, I think he's decided he's done.


    At first I was thinking that he was just frustrated after yesterday when he told Holder that he'd speak with the media today, maybe emotional and had decided to hang it up, but could be talked out of it by this afternoon. But I would think he set certain criteria for himself, and he knows he's not hitting those criteria. I think he blames himself for the Week 1 loss (which is reasonable), and with clear eyes sees himself as a liability. I don't know if he thinks he can rebound, but I doubt he wants to let the team down again. 


    I also think he's in his own head. He was kicking fine in warmups in Week 1, reportedly he was kicking fine during the week and in warmups yesterday. It's not like his leg is suddenly falling off, or he's struggling through an injury (that we know of, it's certainly not obvious watching him). 


    So if I had to bet, I'd say he's going to hang it up today. I said last week, and several times before, eventually AV won't be able to keep kicking, and it will be said, but when that happens, it's time for him to step aside. If that day has come, I'm sad to see it, but everyone involved has to be fair to the team. And to AV. 

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  9. Week 1, Brissett's average time to throw was 2.33 seconds, third quickest in the NFL.


    Week 2, Brissett's average time to throw was 3.01 seconds, fifth slowest in the NFL (so far; two teams playing tonight). 


    Two different defensive approaches in the first two games, but he's going to have to find a happy medium so that he can attack downfield but still get rid of the ball. He went from one extreme to the other in the first two weeks.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, GoatBeard said:

    What else you want from the guy?


    I want him to throw the ball downfield and take advantage of some one on ones. Not complaining about JB, he played fine and we should have won, but I do think he could have done more on Sunday. I'm sure he'll open it up a little more moving forward.

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  11. 10 hours ago, -JJ- said:

    It was a circus in LA what he did. I don't want him here not because I'm biased of head cases as long as they play football. I just like Phil Dorset (I have faith in him)  and Josh Gordon who I think is finally at peace with himself and confident. But I guess they'll (I hope) remain on the field and Brady will spread the ball around (sorry AB-get used to it) :)


    Oakland, but point taken.


    And as good as the pass catchers looked Sunday night, no doubt AB is better than all of them. He is what I hoped Dorsett could become a shade of, and our offense wasn't suited to his traits. 

  12. 35 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    Reich told Matt Taylor in a interview today that the offense needs a couple more explosive plays. It’s coming. The game plan Sunday was perfect for the situation. 


    Where have I heard that before??

  13. Three things I thought:


    1) Poor gap integrity. This happens when you 1-gap all game, but I thought the DTs got sealed out way too much, leaving lanes open for RBs to get to the second level. The LBs didn't fill well enough either.


    2) Inconsistent edge containment. Sometimes they made the back stretch the play out, but others they let the edge go pretty quickly. Even when they did stretch it out, we struggled to turn the play back to the inside. 


    3) Terrible tackling. A little too much going for the strip, not enough ending the play. First things first.


    All fixable, I don't think any of these are fatal flaws. This same defense, a little slower, was pretty good against the run last year. I think yesterday was just a sloppy outing.

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  14. 8 hours ago, krunk said:

    I remember we worked out Brandon Marshall.  I wonder if Reich will go that route.


    I assume they'll stick with the five they have. Already had one extra active.

  15. 35 minutes ago, luv_pony_express said:


    If what you're saying is true -- that he actually is concerned about Vinny, despite saying otherwise -- then he simply lied.  I don't equate lying to coachspeak.


    And FTR, I don't think Frank Reich is a liar.  That's why the comment troubled me -- I believed him.  Because he absolutely should be concerned about a kicker who can't hit basically 100% from 20-30 yards...I don't care who he is or how many records he holds.


    Coachspeak often is lying. Which is why it's pointless to pick it apart. 


    Let's say the score was 23-24 instead of 22-24. Do you think Reich might have still gone for two? At the same end that AV missed all three times, by the way. I think there's a strong chance he would have gone for two on the road, and I think there are coaches who might make that decision even if their kicker has been perfect. 


    If he had, would he have said 'yeah, I wasn't sure about sending AV out there again, that was part of why we went for the win'? I don't. I think he would have said 'we just wanted to go for the win.' And that would have been coachspeak. 


    I don't think Reich is a liar, but he's lied before. And I don't think he's naive, either. He was on a team that lost a SB because a kicker blew it with the game on the line. He knows what a shaky kicker can do to a team and their goals. But he doesn't have to panic because AV had a shaky game. Even two, eight months apart. They'll give him a chance to regroup, and if he can't get it together right away, they'll make a change. I'm very confident of that. 

  16. 6 minutes ago, luv_pony_express said:


    What I said was coachspeak -- and I agree that he will and should stick to that.  I'm not saying he should "call out" AV.  He just needs to express an appropriate amount of concern without calling him out.


    He went a bit too far by saying "(Vinatieri) is the last guy I'm worried about."  If that's actually true, then it's a real problem.  It bears repeating....in Adam Vinatieri's last two games he has missed:


    - PAT

    - 23 Yard FG

    - PAT

    - 46 Yard FG

    - 29 Yard FG


    That's in his last two games, Superman.  So two PATs and two FGs less than 30 yards!  And the coach is saying he's not worried about it?


    If what Reich said is not true and he actually is worried about it, then it's a lie.  And that's no good either.


    What he said was coachspeak, and there's literally zero reason to judge it as anything more than that. 


    Behind closed doors, I'm sure he has some concern about whether his kicker will get on track. He doesn't have to say that publicly, though. It serves no purpose, and could actually make the problem worse.

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  17. 11 minutes ago, luv_pony_express said:


    I think there’s plenty of room in between.  I don’t think he should’ve said what you said. But he also shouldn’t have said what he said.


    I think the right comment would’ve been something like “Adam is the best kicker in NFL history.  And he’s had more game-winning kicks than anybody.  But the last couple games have been struggles for him and I certainly hope that he can get back to form and be the kicker that the team needs to win games and championships.”


    There’s no need to act like there’s nothing wrong.  There’s something wrong when an NFL kicker misses 29 yard kicks and PATs.


    I was playing the extreme, of course. But more than enough people have declared that AV is done and the Colts should give him a Viking funeral before they let him kick again.


    But end of the day, Reich is going to stick to the coachspeak. He's not going to call AV out publicly, no matter how much the fans want him to. Even what you suggested isn't going to happen. He's going to publicly support AV until a change is made.

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  18. 1 hour ago, deedub75 said:


    That ball was very late.  I noticed that as well.  Hooker did catch it though instead of just knocking it down.  


    Geathers didn't appear to even see the ball. One guy has amazing ball skills, the other is more of a wrecking ball.

  19. 29 minutes ago, Valpo2004 said:


    Had a bad game in the playoffs against KC too.  Not that it cost us the game at all, but he wasn't good. 


    I just don't see a connection between a game eight months ago and a game yesterday. 

  20. 25 minutes ago, stitches said:


    Something that's bugging me and I don't really want to draw attention to, but it's really eating at me is Brissett's stats with Pagano/Chudzinski's Air Coryell inspired system. This is a system that begs for big time plays. Sure it also begs for sacks too, but in principle it should bump up your averages per completion/attempt. And Brissett's were(out of 37 QBs):


    - 32nd in Y/A+

    - 35th in nY/A+

    - 36th in TD%+

    - 33rd in rating+

    - 37th in sack%+

    - 32nd in adjusted NY/A+


    In essence we got all the negatives of the system with none of the benefits. Now, the reason I didn't want to draw attention to those is because I realize this was a QB thrown into the deep end of the pool without much preparation in the system and because I hated with passion that coaching and playcalling staff and I'm perfectly content dropping the huge majority of the blame on them.... but... what if it really is something about Brissett;s decisionmaking and vision that makes implementing more adventurous game plan and  playcalling close to impossible? None of those numbers are good. He has some exceptional flashes from that 2017 season. As Greg Cosell says he has some throws that if they were made by Mahomes people would still be talking about them. But they are so few and far between. 


    I can't wait to see what happens in the next 3-4 months. The development of this storyline is going to be fascinating. 



    Because of the bolded, I don't know how much value there is in considering 2017 too closely. It's hard to imagine a worse set of circumstances for a second year QB, and that's without pointing out how bad that offensive staff was. The offensive output was the product of a bad system with subpar coaching + a young QB with no knowledge of the system or his teammates + a bad OL + a shortage of receiving options.


    I think Brissett's physical abilities and shortcomings can be scouted to a degree, based on 2017 -- arm strength, accuracy, footwork (to a degree), escapability, etc. But his ability to run an offense? Besides the intangibles -- his leadership, his work as a teammate, his ability to keep getting up -- not a lot to focus on. His efficiency? Not at all.


    Luck looked like a different QB in Reich's system. I think Brissett will be different also, and yesterday is a strong indication in that direction. Before the season, my questions were about his ability to make good decisions quickly, which he did yesterday (still need to see some adjustments presnap), and his ability to be a playmaker, which wasn't really on display in the opener. But his basic efficiency numbers are going to be dramatically better right off the bat. It's the more advanced numbers -- net yards, sack %, TD %, etc. -- that I'll be looking out for.


    And of course, realistic expectations will help. Some people don't seem to understand that JB can play winning football without being a standout QB. There's this effort to pump him up as Luck's equal here, and I don't understand it.

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  21. 1 minute ago, bhougland said:

    Does anyone feel comfortable when he kicks longer than 50 yards?


    Over the last five years, he's 23-29 from 50+, including some game winners from that distance. I'd put that record up against any kicker in the league, outside of the guy in Baltimore.



    I will be stunned if he plays for us past this season, unless he is near perfect from here on out.  Is he trying to beat Mort Anderson's "Most games played" record?  I can't get behind that at the expense of the team.


    Thing is, we've said this about him before, after a bad game. This is usually the start of a hot streak for him. Might not work out that way this time, but everyone seems so eager to stick a fork in him, which is wild to me.

  22. Just now, Chloe6124 said:

    Is it possible the soccer stadium has different dynamics with wind or anything that could of threw him off.



    There was no wind. A couple of light breezes at times, but nothing that affected AV's kicking. It was a perfect day for kicking. He just blew three kicks, there's no explanation for it.

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