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  1. 29 minutes ago, hoosierhawk said:

    LOL,thought you were implying  someone else can't! [PR}


    Well that's entirely true. Rivers can't run at all, Cam is much better at getting away from the rush. That's just one part of playing QB though.

  2. Cam would have required a significant overhaul to our offense. The impact that would have had on the other players, with no real offseason or training camp, is hard to account for. Add in his limitations as a pro passer and his injury situation, and there were always reasons to be concerned about adding Cam. Yet there was the potential to add some dynamic playmaking, in both phases.


    There were also reasons to be concerned with Rivers. Primarily whether he could still play at a high enough level. Still undetermined at this point. But we didn't have to make wholesale changes to the offense, the other players wouldn't have to adjust to a new style/approach, and he could serve as a bridge to the next QB without major adjustments, now or later. Kind of just plug and play one guy, and keep it moving. 


    Now, either Rivers can produce efficiently and avoid mistakes, particularly in big moments throughout the season, or he can't. But there are fewer variables in that equation, compared to going with Cam.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, John Hammonds said:

    We should trade Brissett to the Cowboys for a 3 and a 4, and then turn around and trade that 3rd round pick to the Jets for Darnold.  We would enter the 2021 season with an extra 4th round pick and two young QB's, Eason and Darnold.


    You think Brissett has higher trade value than Darnold? Why wouldn't the Cowboys just trade their third for Darnold?

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  4. 11 minutes ago, Four2itus said:

    Sounds like a good idea. I'm sure they'll give up a first and take on his contract. Amiright?


    They'd only owe him about $3m. I'd even be okay with the Colts paying the remaining salary if they're willing to give up a fourth.

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  5. 52 minutes ago, Nickster said:



    I wish that Hooker was not an achilles guy.  You could play them both often in nickels, dimes, you can put Blackmon at SS.  I think Hooker is very undervalued on the board.  he was played out of position IMO.  He always played FS but last season he was asked to be more of the cover 2 type which is different than the CF type.




    I was hoping Hooker would play his butt off this season. That could also move Willis primarily into the dime back spot, where I think he's best. That would be a good three headed mix, I think. 


    But Blackmon is playing his butt off, so we're good.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Imgrandojji said:

    it's also just plain true.  We're looking to Rivers to have the team in a better than Brissett did, and in that scenario, wins and losses are way more important than countin' stats. 




    The quality of the QB play isn't based on whether the team wins or loses. Doesn't matter how you try to frame this discussion, that will never be true.

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  7. 7 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    I think a rules change is needed lol... 

    IMO, you shouldn't have to pay any unrealized contract $ to retain rights, and you shouldn't lose the rights to any player retiring mid contract. The money should have returned, and if he ever decides to come back, the Colts should have first option to reinstate the contract. 


    It's the already paid signing bonus that was the issue. If you want a player to give money back, I don't think you should be able to keep their rights into perpetuity.


    But the pending bonus was a different story, and I don't know what the rules were on that one. Uncharted territory, as far as I know.

  8. 2 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Yep. That's a lot of $ though for such a long shot. We shall see I guess. I'd love for him to come back, but I'd also be skeptical of his love for the game if he did. I'd just be waiting for him to leave again.


    I don't think he's ever coming back. But by keeping his rights, you keep the option open. You can also trade him with three years left on his contract. 

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  9. 39 minutes ago, Imgrandojji said:

    Brissett actually had us at the same record last year, so Rivers hasn't really been an improvement


    That's true if you judge QBs based on the team's win/loss record and nothing else.

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  10. 13 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Big Ben was garbage in SB 40 but Pitt fans thought he walked on water that day, why - because he won.


    Not really, everyone knew he was bad in the game, but after several seasons of falling short and finally getting a ring for Cowher, no one cared. 

  11. 36 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    I'm in this camp. 


    I don't really hate any of them, but they all have holes and are inconsistent. Some are too fan boy, some don't know the game well enough, some regurgitate, some are high light kings, some are just way off the mark.


    Case in point. I like some of what Hicks does. Then this week though he comes out with an article pumping up Okereke. Yes, Oke's last game was improved, but he's been pretty bad for the most part this year. One or two decent games doesn't erase 4 bad ones and picking out highlights doesn't erase the really ugly plays that are ignored. I do agree he's probably better in man than zone. 


    Anyway, the inconsistency of the some of these guys drive me nuts. And I hate fanboys and highlight kings.


    Hicks is the SB guy, right? He does football stuff. I don't have to agree with it all. He does seem more fanboy than previous SB guys (which isn't a hard bar to clear), but he appears to understand the game and takes the time to write about it.


    But he's a blogger. He isn't part of the team's media pool, which is what I thought the OP was asking about.


    Among the guys at the pressers, asking questions, interacting with the team and the staff, none of them really ask about the things that I would like to know more about. They get wrapped up in surface level stuff, and they ask superfluous questions about already covered topics. They lean toward being click-baity and sensational, making more out of the high level stuff than I care for, while not digging into the more detailed stuff that matters to me. (And Gregg Doyel is a troll.)


    A question I'd like to hear asked and answered would be something relating to the team's screen game -- we haven't been able to run screens effectively since PM left, and this year they work a lot better, but we don't run a lot of them. Same for swing passes. What's that about it? Why are we better, and why don't we call more? Similar questions about play action.


    And to be honest, I've stopped following the pressers very closely because they're so boilerplate. So it's possible that in recent weeks some of the questions I would be more interested in hearing answers to have been asked, but I've missed them. But I listened to basically every coach presser for several years, and didn't hear this stuff, so I doubt that they've changed their approach in the last six weeks.

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  12. And one more thing about this whole 'he's black' thing...


    The NFL is burning through young QBs left and right. Most of them are white. Sam Darnold and Mitchell Trubisky are probably done after three seasons. Trubisky got benched and his team hadn't lost a game yet. Josh Rosen was done before he even got started. Drew Lock is probably gonna be done. These are guys drafted in the first round (Lock in the second) who are gonna get blown out within three seasons, and because so many young QBs are coming in, they might not get second chances as starters. 


    NFL teams might evaluate and treat black QBs differently at times, same for the media. But if a guy plays well, his team does whatever they can to support him. 


    3 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    Just like paying Andrew all the money when he left lol. Not a biggie. Moving on.


    Not recouping money from Luck allows them to keep his rights. 

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  13. 11 hours ago, a06cc said:

    No one can answer my question. Our roster is far better than it was last season. So why couldn’t JB lead this team? Number wise through 6 games had better numbers than any QB to led this team in the past 3 years. Don’t care if you gave me a crazy face. It’s because he’s African American. No one can tell me different. 


    You already said no one can tell you different, which means you won't listen to anyone else, but I'm going to say this anyway.


    This is really dumb. 


    It's true that black QBs get pigeon holed, sometimes get judged by different criteria (on and off the field), they might have fewer opportunities, get less second chances, and so on. 


    But Jacoby Brissett was replaced as the Colts starter because the Colts saw very clearly that he wasn't good enough to be the starting QB for a team with championship aspirations. Not because he's black.


    JB had a couple above average games last year, but was mostly average or worse. Even when the team was 5-2 before his knee injury, JB was having unimpressive games, and there were obvious issues with his play. Many wouldn't listen, but several people highlighted his problems (including me), and those problems got worse and worse as the season went on. It got to the point that the coaches changed the play calling and basically started taking the ball out of his hands. 


    Then, despite the fact that they had just paid him more money than they needed to, they told him 'we're going in a different direction' and spent even more money on his replacement. It's not because he's black. It's because he didn't play well enough to rely on him as the starter. Same as white, ultra-Christian poster boy Tim Tebow was replaced in Denver, and only attempted 8 more passes in the NFL. JB is better than Tebow, but he's also started more games than Tebow, and has made more money.


    (To the bolded, JB was the starter two of the last three seasons. The other season is the one in which Luck came back after shoulder surgery and a missed year, and started out slowly. Not really a fair representation of his ability as a QB.)


    JB could lead this team, probably to 8 or 9 wins. That's not good enough. He doesn't make plays, he's not good at delivering the ball down the field (despite throwing a nice looking ball), his accuracy is inconsistent to all levels of the field, he doesn't go through his progressions fast enough to keep the offense on schedule (which is why dumpoff passes tended to gain little yardage), he takes too many sacks, etc. His limitations as an NFL QB are glaring and obvious. And a team that wants to compete for a championship can't have a QB like JB as their starter. Because he's not good enough.

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  14. 2 hours ago, dw49 said:

    I think to really excel in pass defense , we need to get Turay back and he needs to stay healthy. When Leornard returns , we will have 2 really good LB's in pass coverage. We need the LB's to do a little better job of play recognition and get into their drops. Then we can better defend all those quick passes Jack and Cinn succeeded with. Leonard is great and Okereke is also going to be outstanding in pass coverage. The DB;s are IMO good enough .


    I felt bad for Okereke yesterday, that cast robbed him of a pick.


    The DBs are inconsistent. To my eye, Kenny Moore made some mistakes yesterday, Rhodes is kind of hit and miss (but mostly a positive), Rock is still unknown. If they play with good technique, especially at the snap, and the pass rush is good, the DBs should be fine. But if the QB has time, our coverages tend to break down and leave receivers very open.

  15. 8 minutes ago, CurBeatElite said:


    What @Superman said -- he was putting his XP's perfectly down the middle.  Not really sure if his power increased or not, but his accuracy was insane.  I'd like to see one of those 'ghost' videos they do w/ bowlers to see how close each one of his kicks were to the others, to me it seemed like every kick hit the net directly in the middle (between the uprights), but I'd like to see if they were all hitting the same height on the net.



    Yes, I think it's pretty inevitable that our defensive ranking will decline as we play better offenses.  


    Aside from being interested to see how our passing D does against Stafford, Jackson, Rogers, Big Ben, Carr and Watson -- I'm a bit nervous about how our D will hold up against the run with Derek Henry.  Additionally, with the lack of blitz, it seemed like our DL can struggle with QBs who can get outside the pocket (ala Baker Mayfield) -- so I'll be interested to see how 'Flus game plans against Lamar Jackson who is, IMO, a much more mobile QB than Baker.


    I don't worry too much about Henry, but if their OL gives him space he'll be very productive. So still, it's about run fits. If you don't let him get going, our defense will be okay against him. We gang tackle, there's always five guys at the ball carrier by the time he goes down (which is why Rock's penalty was so bad, just wrap up and wait for the help), we'll fly to Henry. I'm more worried about the bootleg, which Baker hurt us with.


    I'm excited for the Ravens game. That will be a good test. Lamar is still a limited passer. Very talented, he can make some insane throws, but he's not consistent and will have some shaky plays here and there. We'll have to be disciplined to contain their offense. They didn't let Burrow run at all yesterday.

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  16. 14 hours ago, GoColts8818 said:

    One thing that’s clear is that the way they treat and rehab ACL’s just keeps getting better and better.  He old theory it takes a year to get better really died in the early to mid 2000’s.


    Not really. The exception doesn't disprove the rule.


    Some guys have good years coming off ACL injury. Most don't. A lot of them have various setbacks within the first 12-18 months after injury. And because the NFL season is so short, it's hard for most players to come back less than a year after injury and play at a high level for an entire season.


    And even without any setbacks, you're still prioritizing the rehab of the injured leg, and the rest of your conditioning and personal training is going to suffer. Many of them can't participate in the offseason program, or training camp. For some guys, it's not a big deal. For most guys, that first year isn't played at 100%. And while the procedure and rehab is way better than it used to be, some guys NEVER get back to their previous level of performance.


    As a team builder, I wouldn't count on a guy who tore his ACL being able to perform at a high level in less than 12 months.

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