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  1. That's why I didn't have a problem with it to begin with. If it's meant to be top five in 2018, then it's all wrong. But overall, active QBs? There could be some argument with Ben, Luck, Wilson, Ryan, and maybe Mahomes, if you have a problem with a one year QB being on the list; I don't in this case, because Mahomes was outstanding and had an all time great season. But once you get past Brady, Brees and Rodgers, the next tier is 4-6 guys, and it's going to be debatable, depending on what criteria the evaluator emphasizes the most.
  2. The fact that Brady is #1 on that list makes me think it's NOT based on 2018 alone. If it's last year alone, I'd get rid of Brady before I got rid of Ben.
  3. His combine speed was always considered questionable. I don't know about 4.47 at his pro day, but I've always thought splitting the difference made sense in his case. He's probably not a 4.5 guy, but I don't think he's a 4.7 guy, either. Regardless, he's not a burner. He has to run good routes to separate, and he's a better route runner than he's usually given credit for. If the staff uses him on his best routes, the ones that connect with what Luck does well, I think he'll be productive for us.
  4. I would love to see the stretch play come back. But I think Wilkins is the better back for that play than Mack.
  5. Long post coming, sorry. Finally got a chance to really take this piece in. It's good work. I appreciate them getting into what Mudd teaches, how that's shown up with Strausser in the NFL, and how it will benefit the Colts. Something that I've been mentioning with OL prospects is the need to get the hands more engaged and use hands/arms to control the rusher. IMO, this is the biggest issue with LeRaven Clark, and it's a shame because he has incredibly long arms, and showed good feet and good movement ability in college. If he can pair those up -- get his hands and arms engaged and on blockers, and connect his feet and his steps to maintain balance and leverage -- he might have some success. And he has the physical tools to play either tackle spot, so he'd provide much needed depth on both sides. As for Smith, the article highlights his role and play at RT last year. The idea is that he's better when attacking than when taking a passive pass pro set, and that's probably true. But the examples shown highlight part of the reason he has to stay back in his set -- I don't think he has the lateral range to take on wide rushers, and still protect against inside counters. If he extends himself to the outside, he'll be vulnerable to a counter because he doesn't have the quickness and change of direction to respond. There are two reps against Dee Ford. On one, he stays back and gets rocked by a bull rush. On the second, he turns to cut off the outside, and gets beat by a spin back to the inside. On both plays, he could have been more aggressive, but the question is whether he could have handled the counter on either play. The first, his aggressiveness probably would have stopped the bull rush, but it was Ford going speed-to-power and getting into Smith's chest that caused the problem; if Ford has countered inside, it might have been a different story. And the second, I think being aggressive would have resulted in the same inside move, which Ford seemed to be waiting to use. Smith doesn't have the length to extend his range in either direction -- his arms are four inches shorter than Clark's, he's in the 16th percentile for interior OL, 10th percentile for all OL, and would probably be in the 5th percentile among tackles. He doesn't have the foot speed and lateral agility / change of direction to make up for his limited length. I do think that more aggressive pass pro sets -- treating every pass play like it's play action and taking the fight to the rusher, along with the handshake method to latch on to the rusher, both staples of Mudd's technique -- will help Smith. And he's already very good in the run game, as a result of his overall size and power, as well as being pretty good moving toward the action. I still think he's a better guard prospect than tackle prospect, but hopefully Mudd and Strausser can help him improve with his technique and hand usage at RT. And along the way, maybe they can salvage some of the natural tools and ability that Clark hasn't been able to utilize. Because physically, he fits the profile better than Smith does, IMO.
  6. It's subjective, but Ben's performance last year was right up there with Luck's. He had 5,100 yards, 34 TDs, 16 picks, 67% completions, 96 passer rating, adjusted yards 7.5/attempt, TD % 5.0. Luck had 4,600 yards, 39 TDs, 15 picks, 67% completions, 99 passer rating, adjusted yards 7.4/attempt, TD % 6.1. Luck had a better season, and the Colts made the playoffs over the Steelers, so if you said Luck was better last year, I'm fine with that. But Luck didn't play in 2017, and Ben had just as strong a season as he did in 2018. Plus a track record, two rings, higher on all time lists, etc. I think it can be argued either way, but it's not egregious that someone would have Ben ahead of Luck going into 2019.
  7. You're operating under the assumption that they were unhappy with him earlier in the offseason. There's one report that says Gase didn't want Bell. Might be true, but it comes from a reporter who has been known to sensationalize, at times. Especially about the Jets. There's another report that suggests that there was a problem between Maccagnan and Heimerdinger. And then the owner is saying he's been considering this and finally decided within the last few days. End of the day, my angle is the decision to change GMs isn't just about one offseason. It's about the direction of the franchise in general, and there is no rigid timeframe for that kind of decision.
  8. This is arguably a better time to rework your front office, including at GM. All the heavy lifting for the 2019 team is done. You can take your time interviewing candidates, it's easier to accommodate interviews since there's less going on, you don't have to worry about assembling a coaching staff before the Combine, etc., etc. In the Jets case, they just guaranteed nearly $140m in free agency. That seems like a strange approach if you're thinking about replacing the GM, but it's not my money...
  9. There will be a draft and FA next year.
  10. I didn't read yours yet because I'm still working on mine. Don't want to be tainted.
  11. I'm intrigued by this entire class. I don't know if any one player excites me (Campbell, maybe). I'm more excited by what the coaching staff is going to do. I see some scheme versatility coming on defense, and I think the offense has the potential to be more refined, balanced and explosive.
  12. Wasn't that before free agency? Because before I realized how heavy this draft was with slotty WR prospects, my preferred approach was to sign a slot receiver in FA and draft an X receiver prospect, which would allow Inman to retain a starting spot at X while the rookie worked his way in. We kind of did the opposite, with Funchess being an X / big slot, and Campbell being more of a slot prospect. And when I say "no room," I mean if we assume Cain is back (which I don't, but we're all hopeful), and we're going to give all the young guys a legit shot in the rotation, it's hard to see where Inman fits. Once we signed Funchess, it seemed like the likelihood of keeping Inman went way down.
  13. Someone did a Twitter thread recently of some of the blitzes Eberflus used late in the season. My favorite was a weakside stunt, with a weakside blitz. While the linemen are occupied with the stunt, the blitzer comes untouched. It's a work of art. Eberflus knows how to bring pressure. Adding fast players in the defensive front is an easy win. I'm not as confident in his coverage calls, especially since the last time we saw the Colts trying to cover -- against KC -- they looked like they didn't understand how football works. The Chiefs destroyed our defense pre-snap, all game. And throughout the season, it wasn't hard to find open spaces in the secondary. We didn't give up big plays, but we gave up a ton of intermediate throws. I'm definitely hoping for improved coverage this season. Maybe better pass rush will help.
  14. Yeah I don't mean to knock him, I'm definitely not saying he's no good, and like you said, either he's getting open or he's making contested catches, and both are valuable traits. He's probably doing both. And there was some potential upside with him, if he spent the whole offseason with the team and built on the foundation laid in half a season. I do think the scheme and the accuracy from the QB helped Inman, but he did his part. We had a lot of drops by receivers last year, but Inman was reliable; only one drop, and based on the stats I have found, just two in his career. We replaced him with a guy who has been known to drop passes at times. I would have liked to keep him, and I loved his attitude, but I thought the writing was on the wall when we signed Funchess. And I definitely think he can be replaced. Hope I'm right about that last part, because Funchess got a huge contract...
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