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  1. I see no reason to cut GC or Walden. Walden will be even better this year at his normal position with Mathis back. And like its been noted he doesn't get paid THAT much. GC is a good player when healthy and we have other needs who is going to play RT if we cut him? I want to be able to go mostly D in the draft.
  2. Going big in FA being a bad thing is somewhat of a myth. Seattle, Denever, and the Pats have spent a lot recently in FA seems to have worked out ok... Aslo you are going to over pay in FA thats just the nature of the beast. I don't worry about over paying much at all though it's not my money and it's not like Grigson has ever had us in bad cap position. FA also have to want to come here.
  3. Why is this a big deal or news? Brown didn't play a defensive snap last week yet no one complained until Pagano said this... Do you even watch the games?
  4. Justin Hardy WR (3-5) Terry Williams NT (4-6) Shane Carden (6-FA)
  5. Draft Shane Carden from ECU in the later rounds he is a smart, accurate QB and has good Mobility.
  6. Seems a little patience was all that was needed. FA signings take some time to get use to a new team, new systems take time to get the kinks out and most of all a brand new culture doesn't happen overnight. Seems all these are coming together well right now. The whole obsession with what we paid players has always intrigued me. I know over paying can sometimes hurt the team but we are fine in cap space and it's not my money we are spending. Plus over paying for FA's is just the nature of the beast it happens. Our past 2 drafts are also looking much better with how Thornton and Mewhort hav
  7. Detailed Article? How is picking out 2 bad plays out of 500 + drop backs a detailed article????
  8. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1874062-why-ryan-grigson-deserves-blame-for-indianapolis-colts-recent-struggles Someone needs to tell these young kids writing at these wannabe "media" websites that their mother called and it's time to go home it's almost dark.
  9. Dinosaur Coaching has also kept Andrew Luck alive. Can you imagine him dropping back 40 times a game? He would be on the IR with the other half our offensive quick like.
  10. They are on twitter calling Pagano's coaching style dinosaur coaching calling for his head and saying the only reason we win games is because of AL12. I am sick and tired of these people "representing the Colts on social media and the internet." It's so obvious they have an agenda and it is sickening. So I know Brad or one of his cronies are reading this. Heres your chance to man up tell us all what your credentials are to be any kind of Colt's "media?" My guess is your credentials consist of playing Madden in your parents basement. I also will bet you won't come on here and man up at al
  11. A W because all he does is win and it's the only stat I care about.
  12. You can throw Andrew Mishler in the same boat as Brad Wells. Both negative about anything and everything Colts, yet clueless about the game of football. My dog has more knowledge than those two combined. The only football either of them have played is with a Play Station controller in their hands. I hate they represent the Colts in any fashion and wish it was a way to get both of them off the internet. I hope both of them read this, you're both bums who live in your parents basements.
  13. This thread is stupid and should be deleted.
  14. Running Backs that were drafted after Brown in 2009. Beanie Wells, McCoy, Foster. Stay hot Bill Polian
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