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  1. I knew we were getting Coby, but I didn't relize how much of a Gronk killer he would be getting.
  2. 3rd round is fair seeing as how Freeney is no where near his prime. I believe he has maybe 2 good seasons left until the big drop off. Maybe Coby Fleener drops to us in the 3rd round.
  3. Brackett was getting to old. Addia never lived up to his potential. Clark was an overrated slot reciever, but still had excellent hands. Bullitt was another Sanders minus the actual play making ability. Plus he didn't like to wrap-up his tackles. Painter wouldn't and shouldn't have ever been our teams third QB, let alone starting QB. He will never start in the NFL, except for practice squads. Manning will end up throwing more INTs than TDs this upcoming season, and it will stem from his injury. We are heading into the unkown, and I like it.
  4. Horrible. After the first round we are going all D. I say 2nd rnd Jared Crick. 3rd rnd Upshaw.
  5. It will always mean something to the fans of both teams. I still watch the Pacers vs Knicks games like a rivalry, and this game won't be any different.
  6. People will always forget that it was Irsay that really turned this franchise around. When his father passed away he was given the reigns, and he truly has been one of, if not the best owner period. I stand behind you Jim and the horseshoe.
  7. I think the Polians are the equivalent of most college professors, they refuse to admit their mistakes, and rarely fess up to the bad decisions. He passed on MJD, and now everytime we play him he lets us know how he feels. Chris was incharge, and in the end he wasn't close to being as good a judge of talent as his old man. I liked Bill, but when you have issues with pulling the triggers on Safford, MJD, and Mallet, then you are just causing heartache. And yes most people thought those were going to be our picks when our team was up to bat.
  8. First, Yates was decent, but the team was number one with Schuab, and the offense dosen't fit Manning as it involves a lot of roll outs. Second, Peyton loves the Colts fans more than Favre ever loved the Packers fans, so I don't see him wanting to build any type of resentment towards his fanbase by showing up once a year in another uniform. Third and final, he is going to Miami, you don't understand how big of a Marino fan Peyton is, and his home there only makes it that much easier on him.
  9. We need to get Luck some fresh meat to help build up his self esteem. Saturday is a shell of his former self, Wayne needs Manning, and looked poor without him, and Garcon is a liability. Manning started out with young guys learning at the same time as himself, so I say you get Luck some fresh meat and let them all learn together.
  10. Maybe this has been said, but isn't it Manning who refuses to get looked at by team doctors?
  11. People tend to forget it took Manning 8yrs to win the SB. People tend to forget that Manning wasn't always perfect.
  12. GOOD GOD!!!! Finally a real Colts fan that sees the true way a fan should be viewing this news. I love Manning, but in the end he got his dreams, and his money. We all payed Manning a lot of our own hard earned cash, and now he is done. Maybe not from football but from the Colts. Luck is our future and if you don't like it then please for the love of the horse shoe LEAVE!
  13. This just goes to show how bad the Colts fanbase is. We have about 60% bandwagon jumpers, and they are all butt sore about this. I can't wait for all these simpletons to jump off permanently so the rest of us can fully appreciate our team.
  14. Good riddance to all the bandwagon jumpers. Sports are about teams, and not individuals. I thank you Mr. Manning for all you have done.
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