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  1. Whatever, Edit. Let the MODS sort me out. It's their world. /If I'm banned, I guess I'll live with it //Laugh it up Edit
  2. ruksak, I thank you for the supporting words. At this point, I'm probably gonna get a bannation of some sort, not because I'm an inflammatory poster/fan of another team...but because I speak my mind. I'm a fan of the Colts' TEAM. I want to see them be successful in the future. I don't wanna have to go elsewhere. I like it here, with fellow fans of the COLTS franchise. But we'll see. Achtung! Papier bitte!
  3. I just read this post from a MOD after I posted my most recent post. I didn't know that it was policy to not discuss moderation tactics on this fan forum. I apologize to the MODS and will not question them in the future. May I still post here? I honestly had no idea of the rule.
  4. 1. I've never attacked anyone, and Trolls are gonna troll. You can't stop that. LOL 2. I've never "called out" a MOD. I'm a Cotls fan on the official board, just let me post.
  5. Yeah, there really is...If you're a moderator on the COLTS FAN FORUM of the official Indianapolis Colts website. /That'll probably be enough to do it //darn it ///I DON'T want to go
  6. I would hope so, but that's not what I've read/heard for years abut this fan forum. I've always heard that it you didn't Edit or "toe the line" you're gonna get banned. I'm a COLTS fan, and I hope what I've heard/read doesn't turn out to be true. In my opinion, I've posted nothing that is "inflammatory" or hateful in any sense. I'm just very wary of the MODS and all that I've previously heard/read.
  7. Tony "Glass" Gonzalez goes to the Pats...good riddence. He'll be on IR in no time. As someone said a long time ago, "Don't breathe on him too hard, he'll turn into dust".
  8. Please don't ban me! From what I've always heard/read about this place, bannation is imminent for those who don't "toe the line" or have a differing opinion on things. For that reason alone, it took me years to finally take a chance and join this site. I like it here, and the posters here seem to be good folks. I must be doing something right, or I would never have had enough approved posts to become a Member. Whether or not I wind up banned, I'll still be a Colts fan...on this website or on another. I just ask that y'all don't make me leave for expressing myself. P.S. Your current name,
  9. I like the Fighting Irish. But high academic standards and bad location has hurt recruiting over the last several years.
  10. They tend to be more accurate than posts on messageboards. ;)
  11. Denver Post article. 5 years, $90 Million. Link Think whatever you like, I'll stick to the newspaper.
  12. If there's one thing Stanford has always been know for, it's having a world-class offensive line that can stop anything and everything throw at it. Andrew Luck --- STINKS ---!!! You're video has convinced me that the Colts should draft Ryan Tannehill instead. Or maybe even Trent Richardson!
  13. "Titans sources" have reported that Manning will announce on Monday and that he willl be playing for the Titans. The Manning group is going over the contact today while Bud Adams attends his son's wedding, and things will be made official tomorrow.
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