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  1. I have been sitting here watching the game wondering how the hell we lost to Jacksonville. They are playing very bad tonight.
  2. Ironic but I find this yesterday....................... http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/columnists/gregg-doyel/2016/10/10/doyel-were-watching-worst-colts-defense-ever/91861034/
  3. We have no pass rush. It doesn't matter if they come from the left, right, or middle. We don't have enough pressure. We don't have enough sacks or QB hits to make an impact so far.
  4. So if weight and power can be gained, then our strength and conditioning coaches should be fired as well. Our offensive line needs to step it up and be stonger, and should have been so for a couple of years. Werner was a pass rusher, and as you say, "a pass rusher is a pass rusher", then it should have made no difference mediocre or not. I think he played out of position. I think there are other examples out there beside Werner. Unfortunately he gets picked because he was a first round draft choice. If he was picked in late rounds would it be much of an issue, maybe not.
  5. It is not enough to say you like one guy over another but also what type of defense does the College team play. 4-3 vs 3-4. We drafter Werner from 4-3 defense and he did not translate well to the 3-4. Now he's out of the league. You list some linebackers but really what will he be line in our defense. It is great that the person you might put out shows spectacular ability, puts up big numbers, but the translation to our team is important. We don't have anyone from an entire draft class on our team or in the NFL for that matter.
  6. The O line is a good one....too much of a problem starting at Center. Too much reliance on free agency. The trade for Richardson did not help but if he had been a better player seeing as we lost a RB due to injury and thin at the time I understand why the deal was done.
  7. I was not a fan of the change from 4-3 to a 3-4. When the change was made we did not have the players for a 3-4. Mathis and Freeney are legit DE on a 4-3. We let Freeney go, and try to convert Mathis to an OLB when he is not in his prime. Then there are the linebackers. I still don't think we have good enough players for a 3-4 defense and we tried to make up for it in free agency using players past their prime. Colts changed Defensive Coordinators this past offseason. So that causes me to pause and ask the wth questions.....is it players, coaches, or both. The Lions won
  8. Of the next five games only two really worry me.....The Texans and the Packers. Still plenty of football left but the team has to start getting better now. However that being said......in a different post of mine I think I said that an 8-8 record is more than likely for this year.
  9. Cromartie vs Toler............who you want ? The injuries have seriously hurt the development of the younger guys. We did not address the position in the draft. T.J. Green is a safety, and I think the jury is out on him yet.
  10. Should have been made into a poll ......but my answer is NO. Lucky we got the win against San Diego. It is amazing how I have seen people talk about Allen being better than Fleener. I don't see that. I don't see that either one was better than the other. Philbin was brought in to help the line. Too many sacks again today. Yes they line is young players and hopefully it is growing pains. I see at least 6 more definite Losses on the schedule coming up, while the rest is a toss up. That would mean no better than a 7-9 record. I know lots of people were predicting 8-8 would be the bes
  11. I think he is on the roster because they think he can play and is versatile. Also if you are on the practice squad, you can be picked up at any time by any team in the NFL. If you are on the 53 man roster, then you are off limits, so it could also be to protect him too. A just in case as someone said Mewhort was a 2 to 4 week injury. Sounds like he might go this Sunday, but what if........................... AND I will leave it at that.
  12. http://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/IND This was last updated in the morning so it does not show the addition of Morris to the practice squad.
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