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  1. It doesn't matter what RG3 does at the combine. It has no effect on the Luck vs. RG3. We are taking Luck. Let the other teams take the risk on RG3.
  2. You can go ahead and box the Manning jersey and let it collect dust. Mannings career is over and your jersey is now a reminder of our past. Manning did an amazing job to put the Colts on the map. Now, Luck will be more clutch and we'll win a couple more Superbowls.
  3. lol. Mayock sucks, of course he's going to like RG3.
  4. Right on. I also find it ludicrous that some people on this forum think Kellen Moore is going to be the next Drew Brees. Boise State QB's are only good at college football...and even then, college football doesn't even respect Boise State. lol
  5. He's just a smart fan that see's the future of the franchise. Nothing wrong with that. It's better than the sad pathetic Peyton-in-denial fans we have on this forum.
  6. Dude, you need to be a fan of the Browns, cause that's whos trading in their chips for RG3 (we all know how well trading up for bust QB's works out for the Browns, lol). If i were the Browns i definitely wouldn't do that for RG3. He's not worthy of 2 1st round picks. He is a running QB. I'd much rather call him VY2 than RG3... Vince Young 2
  7. You haven't been keeping up with the Manning saga have you? I hate to be the one breaking it to you, but he is done for. Especially in Indy, and even if he goes elsewhere, he only has about 2 yrs max left in him. I'd rather he retire and go out on top. It's sad when a legend comes back and you watch them sink and fail and it diminishes their legacy in people's eyes.
  8. There are varying views on ESPN, so i wouldn't even go there I've heard both... Beside, ESPN was so in Love with Tebow and we all know what a joke they have become. But leave it to you to ignore that Captain Oblivious. Irsay is in the right here, so not sure what argument you have. Peyton isn't worth $28million dollars as he is. period. The only reason Irsay is saying this in the news is.. like i said before, he's spoon feeding the fans in denial... Irsay laid out the case publicily, and left it up to Manning to stay or not. The case has been stated; It's Manning's move.. Irsay was so right in
  9. You are right about what?? That we aren't taking Luck in Round1? I don't understand you. Your comments don't make any sense to me and you sound like a petulant little child. I in fact schooled you so bad you don't even realize it. Guess what, when we draft Luck and dump Peyton, don't worry... i will be back on here to make sure you hear of it. I am always right, I have this innate quality inside my head... It's called logic.
  10. He's talking to the media because he has to spoon feed fans (like yourself) that still haven't figured out Peyton Manning is out next year. It makes no sense to keep him. Irsay is right in stating the issues publicly. The reality of the situation is that Peyton Manning (as he is right now) is NOT worth $28 million dollars and needs to restructure his contract. Otherwise, the Colts, (much like Peyton's neck) will be hurting from the cap for years to come.
  11. Dude you missed it, I totally schooled you. Hence the Superbowl trophy. Your post didn't warrant a response, it wasn't logical. I actually feel sorry for you. You still haven't realized Peyton is toast and its time we move on.
  12. Hands down Marvin Harrison. If you're talking who gets away with B-S on the field and plays dirty, then by all means Hines Ward wins that category.
  13. Anyone who is still dreaming that Peyton Manning remains a Colt needs to wake up. I've been saying this since the season started and knew we were getting Luck. Call it destiny.

  14. To me, that picture looks like Luck's 100% young and uninjured, healthy, not 36-yr-old hand holding a football and about to actually throw it. I couldn't say the same for that other guy we are about to cut.
  15. I was very good at algebra. I'm also pretty good at being right. I was never very good at grammar; However, i did notice you used "no" in place of "know" and forgot to put an apostrophe for "Luck's"... but then again, what do i "know".
  16. And... your avatar says it all. Everyone knows that Ernie was the better half. lol. Just like we all know Luck is better than Robert Griffin the Turd.
  17. Nope. I am a REALISTIC Colts Fan. You know, the one that realizes 'when you know what' has hit the fan... and that it's time to move on. No sense in trading our 2012 Starting QB-- Andrew Luck. Get used to it, this is the new Colts.
  18. Nice! It's good that someone can still take a joke on this forum. I agree that Kalil is going to be an awesome LT.
  19. The worst idea of the year award, congrats. Yeah, its a really great idea to pass up "the pick" of the decade to again pick #1 and get a lesser QB replacement for Peyton next year... Peyton isn't playing for us anymore, get over it.
  20. And fortunately for us, we don't have Chris Polian anymore to listen to such arguments.. We are taking Luck and we'll let the Browns trade up for the other running qb who, even if he can't pass, can pass for a midget.
  21. Do you need my approval of your difference of opinion? I really don't care what you think, and I still think you are in denial. Thinking of trading the #1 pick is so '1 year ago'. We all know that we are taking Luck and that I am right.
  22. Honestly I feel sorry for you. You have no realistic idea that we are moving on without Manning next season. And Like I Said, Luck is a No-Brainer and the only correct decision to make with our given situation. The Luck Era Begins whether you like it or not.
  23. Drafting Luck is the no-brainer, and we don't even need to stick our neck on the line to know this is the correct decision.
  24. The Luck Era will be even better than the Manning Era, just wait and see. Manning stuck his neck out for us to get a stadium, but even giraffes have to be sacrificed to make way for the lion.
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