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  1. I Miss Bruce Arians

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    2. chad72


      Arians did come up short big time vs Peyton with both Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie in the line up. But he would have gone for it on that 4th & 1 for certain. He would have taken more shots deep too.

    3. Jules


      Arians also would massage my sore back and feet. And make dinner for me.

      Problem is, this man still needs some postseason success for me to deem him "omg great."

      Lets see him beat the Pack in a big game. Or even Seattle.

    4. chad72


      I see what you are saying, Jules. You are taking the Dennis Green route. If you want to crown him, go ahead and crown him, haha:).

      The next 4 divisional games will tell me a lot about him.

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