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  1. Miami and the Jags had good drafts. Even if Tua is only league average, they definitely improved.
  2. 2021 RB UFA Derrick Henry Kenyan Drake Fournette Gurley Tevin Coleman James White Kareem Hunt Matt Breida There is no way Mack gets 8M per year, when only 7 RB do now. 6-7M at best. But I think he'll leave to start somewhere rather than split carries. I can see Hooker getting over paid, next to no free agents next year.
  3. Our secondary sure isn't going to be helping our line much lol
  4. Only for 1 year, same with Carrie. We don't need a CB to come in and start, but we still need one.
  5. I forgot all about Moore. I was going off Rock is the only one guaranteed/worth starting next year that's under contract. Verdict still out on Marvell Tell
  6. Nah, a 2nd round RB is a luxury when your LT is thinking of retiring, and you have 1 CB signed after this year.
  7. I was thinking Eason is our pick, but now I'm guessing Saints get him. We need a CB still. I'm gonna guess Baun or Gallimore. Ballard likes the front 7
  8. They just signed wentz last year to a 6 year deal. I don't understand this at all.
  9. Clearly the only thing I did wrong trying to make the NFL was not having a family member tragically die. Like holy %.
  10. Honest question. Is Taylor a better receiver than Mack?
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