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  1. It's pretty clear now that BB is overrated and a lot of their success is due to Brady, right?
  2. They aren't playing vanilla Cover 2 like the Colts.
  3. The Buckner trade was a bad Ballard decision. He's a solid DT, above average but he's not a game changer and I agree, he's not worth 100M, that's just insane. Ballard keeps hoping that some of these average pass rushers will somehow all of a sudden become great, it's not going to happen and play vanilla Cover 2 isn't going to help with the pass rush.
  4. He needs to go through his reads faster too, he has a tendency to stick to the 1/2 read too long.
  5. Cover 2 has to be the most overrated defense ever.
  6. The coaching in this game was bad all around. The defensive coaching in the 2nd half was atrocious.
  7. He played his best game, it's too bad the coaching staff really let the players down.
  8. These were two terrible teams trying not to beat each other but someone had to win.
  9. Completely expected, at least from Mack's perspective.
  10. STR isn't but PFF's analysis is? Come on now.
  11. We're watching the games. He's too busy watching the DL to find an open WR. You might be watching the games but you're not watching Wentz.
  12. I think Taylor, Pittman, Leonard are very talented. Buckner is above average. Draft position means nothing, Wentz is making some bad decisions and isn't playing anywhere near MVP level right now. He's missed wide open guys, he's way too nervous in the pocket. Nelson seems to be injury prone, I hope Fisher holds up. Yes, coaching is a major problem right now. Ballard had missed on some picks for sure. I think Irsay thinks we're on the up and he knows that consistency helps.
  13. They should put Wentz on IR and scrap the season.
  14. It might get better but just because of the schedule. This team lacks serious talent and Reich is a crappy HC.
  15. Wentz is clearly A problem. He's not THE problem because there are many but he's definitely one of the problems. He's super afraid in the pocket, it's really affecting him, like he has some PTSD or something.
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