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  1. More points left on the field 1 decision for Frank going for fourth down and 1 where i have no clue where Wentz was throwing the ball and turned into interception d played well considering the firepower of Rams but 2 red zone drives for both teams Rams walk away with 10 and colts 0 is inexcusable that is 2 games where game was decided well before end of the game due to decisions and a really screwed up play that if i was making the decisions would have never happened and by the final score the 6 left on the field would have won this one and Frank needs to throw his analytics in the trash
  2. Ya and if i was in charge the game would have been decided in the last 2 minutes of the game with a 2 minute drill not 2 failed drives that would have produced 6 points via Blankenships leg
  3. Misperception on my part i am very busy man and when i read that post i had been up 36 hrs straight and misread it
  4. I totally disagree with this one maybe there was a day when you could make that argument but i would most definitely say Quentin Nelson has that title on this team
  5. No this is where you could not be further from the truth and have been in that situation as a high school coach where in 10 years my team went 70-11 and in my opinion high school and college are more difficult. First off i would have done my homework and known the capabilty off the opponents offense. That being said Seattle is one of the best. I would also know that my o-line is not having a good game. The probability of success was horrible and on both i knew before they snapped it they would fail therefore i would take the 3 on both occasions. In my coaching years and it would be the same i am not leaving points on the field. So yes if i was in Franks place i would have done a better job of calling plays.
  6. I agree with most of your comments on the needed improvements but that being said those problems manefested themselves long before those 4th down calls. Wentz was running for his life the whole game that being said you thought it would be different. If so i got ocean front property i will sell you in Indiana. Regardless it was 6 points left on the field that would have provided Wentz the chance to run a 2 minute drive with a chance to win the game.
  7. I will give you from what i have seen he is probably the best qb coach in the league and couple that with Ballards football starts at the line of scrimmage is a winning strategy. But on these 4th down calls they commonly say you are a zero or a hero for these calls. I disagree as circumstances dictate the way that should be seen. In previous years although i still think it is a risk but at least out o-line looked solid at those times. Yesterday the O-line looked anything but solid Wentz was running for his life so what made him think he would succeed under those circumstances. I like Reich he is way better than Pagano but when the sideline is making blatant decisions that are losing games some questions need to be answered.
  8. He isn't but maybe he should be that game had ptobably the worst decisions i had ever seen in a football game. Ok final score 28-16. How many points were left on the field I particularly remember 2 failed 4th down attempts well within field goal range that would have put the score at 28-22. Last drive had no sense of urgency which i have no problem with if it is a lost cause which at the time it was exactly that but prior decisions are what put us in that position. This game was not lost by the men on the field this game was lost by the decisions made on the sideline. Kick those 2 field goals and test your theory that Wentz is the answer with a 2 minute drill. Just to add these poor decisions were made against a team that has 1 of the handful of top qbs in the league you know they are gonna score so don't * away points when you get the chance and if we continue these type of decisions week 2 is gonna be a loss as well. Fact is Seattle was a winnable games and if I was making the decisions we would have won or lost on the last drive not a couple of failed 4th down attempts in field goal range.
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