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  1. I would think the best situation imaginable would be Wentz misses a game or two in which Eason looks ready for, and balls out. That way we can still see what we have in Wentz and if he fails, fully try the Eason experiment or at least pin him as our perm backup. Until bullets start flying in pre season games, we will know nothing. After game 1 and 2 of pre season we will know exactly how to proceed re: our Qb depth, however the return of the Wentz we hoped for post surgery with no training camp (as you eluded to) probably doesn’t bode well for him.
  2. It’s pretty simple what’s going to happen and completely predicated on Wentz injury timetable. If Wentz goes into surgery soon, and I assume he will, I’m guessing a 5-8 week injury designation and a trip to IR and likely to be back Week 5. Got our first rounder back! -in the meantime, between Eason/Ehlinger….IF either one show well in the pre-season, give them the starts. If they all stink (including Hundley), as a last resort I think we reach out to Rivers on a modified contract. He won’t cost any picks and he bridges that 6 weeks for us keeping everything competitive. This allows us to clean our depth chart at QB and actually know what we have. Stage 2 of this plan is really what the start of the season should have always been: Evaluate if Wentz is the future. If he stinks, then we likely have a top 15 first rounder that we’d be smart to go QB with. If not, ARod is a very real possibility (Adams too), but may have to release some good players to do so. IF Wentz balls out upon his return, then we use our first rounder to trade back a bit and gain a second or third rounder, thus nullifying what we paid for Wentz and we still know he’s the future. Gonna be a very interesting season and quite frankly one that will give us lots of valuable answers to roster questions, both on O and D.
  3. I truly think that the Colts will be wise to keep Rivers number on speed dial in case Wentz goes down for a few games. Overpay him for a few spot starts, and have the advantage of someone that can come in on a pinch and seamlessly run your system. I just hope he stays in good shape until Christmas
  4. While I love your blind optimism for this exact scenario to unfold, I don’t think Tevi would warrant a 5th in any scenario or even a player of value. He’s a one dimensional journeyman tackle who’s biggest asset is game experience. SD tossed him to the curb for a reason I imagine. Man, you really reached deep to paint a hypothetical scenario but in all honesty Grover Stewart is a baller. He isn’t going anywhere for a while
  5. This. This is key. So much so that I believe the last FA Ballard brings in could be a vet QB. If Wentz goes down (history proves he likely will at some point), are you comfortable trotting out Eason and Ehlinger for the duration of the Wentz injury? Neither would I. While I would love to get a live game action look at both the young QBs, trusting them starting games in anything other than a lost season should be done with great caution. Having said that, If Wentz balls out, but happens to miss a handful of games to injury, we likely get our 1st rounder next year and can still roll with Carson, so I guess there is some consolation.
  6. If you all want a decent idea of who is high on CB’s draft board, look no further than the Senior Bowl. He always salivates on SR Bowl standouts and if you look at his draft history, many of them were just that. Now, look at the SR Bowl standouts from this year and the names that jump out are Radunz and Basham. Based on most draft rankings, the Colts could trade down to the bottom of the first round or early second, gain a pick or two, and still likely land both these players. As long as CB is okay taking a shot at another Basham pass rusher, I can see this scenario happening. Book it!!!
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