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  1. Yes, I do, thanks for letting me know.
  2. The Colts are in a place that it has to be one game at a time....let's hope they are up to the task.
  3. Thank you, I have complained about this for years! Well played, Sir.
  4. I am not too concerned as Turay will most likely be on the IR by then, lol!!
  5. My problem with this is that we have needs at positions that could have been had in the 4th and paid a veteran backup instead. I appreciate your graph but it was a thrown away pick.
  6. While he was a 4th round pick, and in his second year, there really has been some poor drafting recently. If that is your reported strength, the past couple years, sans Taylor and Pittman Jr., say different.
  7. While your reply is spot on, I hate the mindest that the team has defensively. You can have a good man CB in this defense, and still funtion in in a psuedo zone. You take out the greatest receiving threat this way. It is akin to the man who refused to stop renting VHS tapes back in 2000, lol. Evolve or be left behind ;)...
  8. I am with you, this needs to be a priority, despite the defensive scheme.
  9. The best ability is availability....I agree, he has huge potential, but is rarely on the field.
  10. Thank goodness TY is back, this kid can't stay healthy, luck or not.
  11. They are different types of runners. Edge excelled in "the stretch", which he ran out of in College. Too soon to say now, though, hopefully Taylor continues to improve, though, they need to feed him the ball.
  12. If they continue to allow Fisher to be the LT, they need to scheme for it. Put a TE next to him, and here is something novel, use a two back set. With the trio of Taylor, Hines, and Mack...how are the Colts not playing to a strength?
  13. It would have been nice had it been an interception. Kwity played some line backer in college as well. He is quite an athlete.
  14. I agree about the cushion, it is basically "Prevent". The reason the Colts lost last Monday, plus the missed field goals and extra point.
  15. Actually Rock would fit the bill at FS as in this defense the Safetys are supposed to be interchangeable....I just don't like the system. I prefer an agressive man and blitzing defense.
  16. I like your enthusiasm and hope that is the case, as the depth on the offensive line would be very good, sans a true swing tackle.
  17. The problem with signing both of them is what they make. Glow is currently $7,520,588 against the cap. He will want a raise, should the offensive line get healthy and dominate as we expect. Reed is currently $987,500 against the cap and has filled in admirably for All Pro Q. Do you think he won't want to get paid as well? I can't see both being re-signed, unless one gets hurt. There will already be enough tied up in Kelly, overrated imo, Smith, Q, and possibly Fisher.
  18. I edited my original reply. It seems he is better at "pulling" than I originally thought. Thanks for your replies, much appreciated.
  19. Thank you, I was unaware of that. My thought process has now been piqued. Thanks again for the clarification. Do you know if he was decent at pulling, the most desirable trait of a LG? Edit: It seems he "pulls" better than I thought. This will be interesting heading in to the off season.
  20. Reed would be my choice as he can play both guard positions, I don't believe Glow can.
  21. Yup, Rock is a man CB, while Blackmon has SS writen all over him and could be a very good one. My complaint is, why not utilize their strengths in the scheme and actually think outside the box. You can utilize a player in man while having a psuedo zone defense, it isn't unheard of. Just seems like this vanilla play calling on D isn't the answer at this point, jmo.
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