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  1. I agree, he should be on sweeps and running off tackle and utilized in the slot and on screens. They paid the man and are not utilizing him to his skill set, that is not on him.
  2. Taylor needs to be fed and Sunday night's game was an outlier with the fumbles, that weather was horrible.
  3. This game will come down to time of possession, imho, and a quick start by the Colts. Then heavy doses of Taylor, Mack, and Hines, to control the clock....gotta get in front quick and make them pass, even though the Colts secondary is depleted.
  4. Yes, indeed, and one of Ballard's best FA acquisitions.
  5. I wanted Autry retained over Houston as he was able to be used in multiple positions. He is having a game and would have been a good mentor for the young guns....hindsight is 20/20.
  6. 1: 1999 Colts vs Bengals, because I went with my Father who is no longer here on this earth. The Colts easily won and it was so cool to watch Peyton, Edge, and Marvin do their pre-game warm up ritual. 2: 1983 Colts vs Jets, because I was the only Colts fan, or at least it seemed like it, at Shea Stadium. The Colts ran the wishbone that year and were big underdogs but won.
  7. Just run the damn ball! The Colts have 3 very capable backs to rotate, though JT needs the lion's share of touches though.
  8. Oh I agree, just also agreeing that it may not be at a reduced price next year.
  9. Exactly! When he was signed so late I was surprised he was still around and disapointed that it wasn't for at least 2 years. If he takes Glow's job, he is going to want Glow money, so it is a wash, should they go that route.
  10. Bummed about TY but happy about Nelson. Go Colts!
  11. Thank you for the information, I will be rooting for him. 6' 2" 220lbs, I hope he hits like a mack truck!
  12. Yes, I do, thanks for letting me know.
  13. The Colts are in a place that it has to be one game at a time....let's hope they are up to the task.
  14. Thank you, I have complained about this for years! Well played, Sir.
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