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  1. Churning the roster, if you can replace your worst player with a better player, you do it. Not saying this is the case, but it certainly makes sense.
  2. But it was Santa, that is pure evil, lol!
  3. I bet he is glad to be out of Philly they booed and threw snow balls at Santa for cripes sake
  4. Glad to see this but like many others there is a level of concern in regards to the injury. I trust that Colts did all their due diligence and are expecting a full recovery and he will play sometime before mid season.
  5. Pascal does the little things not seen on the stat sheet, I would be elated if Patmon could be the same.
  6. I have done renovation on that Arthrex facility, state of the art, imvho.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^ This! Options are a good thing. Plus the Colts reportedly reached out to Leno after he was cut, again options.
  8. Happy Mothers Day to those present and those that still dwell in our minds and hearts.
  9. We definitely have some size at WR, let's hope they work out as like @Scott Pennockalluded to, Wentz could have a field day.
  10. He left without a contract and still does not have one with another team, at the time of this post, so there is still a chance.
  11. With a signing bonus like that he will be given a chance to replace Wilkins. Competition is a good thing and with all the interest in him, before he signed with the Colts, I doubt he would last long on the Practice Squad.
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