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  1. No they don't but they are often misunderstood and even more often incomplete. I am not sold on Tevi. His tape along with the chargers letting him walk contradict his statistical worth. That being said I am very positive on this draft class. I also don't think it's the end of the world we didn't draft a LT. But let's not rewrite history about Tevi based on apple to oranges statistics. Different offenses. He is not great or even good. His ceiling is adequate for the time being. Just my opinion and it ain't worth much.
  2. Is it just me or do the Jets just not develop players well? I can't put my finger on it but there is just so much inconsistency with that organization. I hope he is able to salvage his career even if he is a USC guy.
  3. Feels more like Polian choices then CBs. Not based on any facts and probably wrong. Just my gut I would expect those choices out of Bill more than Ballard.
  4. If both can stay healthy I expect Campbell to have the bigger impact to the casual eye. I do believe that Campbell has a shorter rope this year. Frank was infatuated with him in the draft process but year 3 the shine is probably starting to wear off. I fully expect him to be given every opportunity though. 2nd rounders have higher expectations. Given defensive depth Turray probably has a more secure spot on the roster. I am not saying either one is in danger this season. But I do think it's more of a need for Campbell to have a good season. I
  5. Just my opinion, the Davenport and Tevi signings our to promote competition in the hopes of improving depth at the tackle position. Its the NFL so no guarantees but it was necessary because we knew our current depth situation wasn't getting the job done. We are probably over analyzing this because the lack of activity in this off-season. While some people might be upset about it I am excited about it. I think the lack of movement shows that CB is more comfortable with this roster than a lot of us fans. The closer we get the less frequent his roster moves
  6. Great news. Thank you for that. I really enjoy the series and hope it goes on for many years.
  7. Oh I don't hate the suggestion at all. If I was a GM this is the deal I would probably try to make. I'm a firm believer in building inside out. Also, a great player can make his teammates better than they would be on their own just by drawing significantly more double teams through out the season. Heck we've seen time and again great defensive lines turn average LBs and DBs into pro bowlers. But then I remember that this defense really benefits from sealing the edge. And that was something Houston was exceptional at. It's a positive domino effect for this defense. Allowing LBs to
  8. games·man·ship /ˈɡāmzmənˌSHip/ noun the art of winning games by using various ploys and tactics to gain a psychological advantage. "the negotiations were primarily exercises in propaganda and gamesmanship" I believe coach speak has a element of gamesmanship to it. I think I prefer a head coach that has a disciplined tongue.
  9. Just my opinion, but I don't think the colts would be interested. 1. He has a history of minor off field stuff. The details of which tells me he is a poor decision maker. We all have had those friends that are drama magnets. Some things fly in other states that the public would be less forgiving in Indiana. 2. His Seattle contract was a 2 year 23 million dollar deal. That means he is going to be looking for a deal around that. He probably won't get it but he'll be asking in that ballpark and while we might have the cap room I don't see CB spending that at position we
  10. When this airs does it go immediately up on youtube?
  11. This is my first post on the colts forums and I hope I do not embarrass myself with hyperbole.That being said... Fanatics of teams are defined as a enthusiastic devotee or a ardent admirer. In the Era of free agency and player empowerment a player spending their entire (or even majority of) career has become exceedingly rare. TY Hilton reportedly took less money to remain with OUR team, the Indianapolis Colts. In a Era of negativity, doubt,and incredulousness we should celebrate this moment and TY for doing what is becoming more rare in spo
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