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  1. Has to be a trade. No FA worth being this hyped about
  2. Irsay is going off on twitter again, says a huge annoucement is coming very soon. Follow him on twitter right away
  3. O line in this first round. Its been upgraded but it still is not close to being a line built for a power run game
  4. O-Line or Dline. CB possibly but we can get talent in the later rounds. No thank you for Teo and all the media that comes with his career
  5. 100%. He is worth a 3rd. IF he stayed clean he would have been a top 5 pick this year
  6. BR shouldn't be allowed to make these predictions. Broncos, 49ers, Seahawks, Texans, Bengals. Improved Titans and Rams teams can give us a run if they are coming off a bye. 14-2 is not something to expect
  7. NFL.com had an article today saying the 49ers want to move up. Colts trade down to 31 and get the 34th pick in return. Two solid players
  8. Why don't we look at James Harrison? If we can get him cheap, why not take a shot? Change the attitude of this D thats consistently considered a push over. 1 year deal, if it doesn't work we walk. I see no harm in that with the cap spave we have.
  9. I vote we trade down out of #24 and take DE Margus Hunt. The guy is a monster. And depending on the trade we could pick up valuable other selections.
  10. Also NT would be a need if we go to a 3-4 which seems very likely
  11. Not much cap room for the Colts. Going to be hard to sign anyone if they keep Mathis/Wayne. But Nicks would be the best option. Especially for Pagano who will want to run the ball.
  12. I am the biggest Manning supporter. He is easily my favorite athlete in all of sports. But I think they should let him go, and give him a chance to win another ring with a contending team. Not the rebuilding Colts. Let the Colts draft Luck, start him from day 1 and have him happy. Take the 28 million saved by letting Manning walk, and resign Wayne, Mathis and hopefully Carl Nicks. With the amazing draft positions we can shorten this rebuild around Luck. It's a business, Manning deserves the best. But for the Colts future this is best.
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