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  1. Watching the game back at the time I didn't realize what a throw the bomb to TY was. Was caught up in the TY is back and making plays but that throw was amazing.
  2. I am screaming for a first down play action pass at the goal line. I think we have ran it every single first down play in the red zone especially the closer we get to the goal line.
  3. I always love the Stafford stuff.... Just some basic numbers ... Stafford career 62.7% completion percentage Wentz career 62.6% completion percentage Stafford career 274 yards per game Wentz career 247 yards per game good advantage here for Stafford Stafford career 2.01 TD/INT ratio Wentz career 2.27 TD/INT ratio Stafford best season QBR was 71.3 Wentz best season QBR was 78.5 Stafford best rating was 106 (before this year) Wentz best rating was 102.2 The amount of draft capital that we would have to give up for Stafford wouldn't have been worth it IMO. They are very similar QBs.
  4. I posted something I read on twitter a couple days ago.... Its something like Wentz hasn't missed a regular season game due to injury since 2018. I think he missed 3 gameds in 2017 with ACL and came back to start the 2018 season but left after 11 games due to a fracture in his back. So he has missed a total of 8 REGULAR season games due to injury since coming into the league in 2016.
  5. I don't think any QB in this class will be worth a top 10 pick and if there is someone will move in-front of us to get. I would draft WR/OT/CB whichever one is the best and roll with Wentz into next season. If it turns out to be more of the same then I would go after a QB and hope the draft class is a little better the year after. If we do go down this season and have a top 10 pick I wouldn't draft a QB but I would 100% be bringing in a vet QB behind Wentz if we still dont trust Eason at that point.
  6. I saw a tweet this afternoon that got me to look up stats because it took me off guard. This is the 6th season he has been in the league and if he misses the game Sunday it will be the first time he has missed a regular season game due to injury since 2018. In 2017 he left the Rams game with an ACL tear and missed the last 3 regular season games. In 2018 he played 11 games and had to sit the rest with a hairline fracture in his back but other than those two regular seasons he has played every single regular season game. The tweet was something along those lines... I said to myself that can't be and had to look it up and all that information is correct. The Mr. Glass stuff seems to be a meme and its said so much by the media everyone just believes it because they keep saying it year after year so it must be true. It may have been true earlier in his career but now is seems like the "in" thing to say.
  7. Non-Throwing shoulder is way different then your injuring your plant leg/foot. If I remember correctly in Philly Wentz played a couple more plays on a torn ACL and then played like 6 games or so with a fractured back. I am sure if Wentz could go he would have played. His right ankle is his plant ankle if he can't plant that foot in the ground and drive the ball then he is of no use to the team on the field.
  8. This has yet to be proven. They have potential to miss fewer games but that doesn't mean they will. So far I think the Cowboys have 1 person schedule to miss week 1 due to the COVID process and that is a vaccinated player.
  9. Twitter is funny.... One minute - Eason looks the best out here today Next minute - Eason throws a pick he has really struggled today
  10. Wentz can excel in a run first scheme. In 2017 he was widly regarded as NFL MVP before he got hurt. The Eagles were a top 5 rushing team in the NFL. If I remember correctly they were 3rd in total yards on the ground as well as top 5 in almost every team rushing category.
  11. I would question the completition percentage in his 5 years he only went over 68% once so not sure if that is obtainable or not. But before last season he was never a big INT guy the 3 seasons prior to last year (17-18-19) he had 21 INTs combined for those three years and funny thing he threw exactly 7 every year. Including last season and his rookie season he has only thrown 50 career INTs which is an overage of only 10 per year.
  12. What a troll job by Wentz if that number is correct. That is Hurts number in Philly LOL
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