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  1. Wentz can excel in a run first scheme. In 2017 he was widly regarded as NFL MVP before he got hurt. The Eagles were a top 5 rushing team in the NFL. If I remember correctly they were 3rd in total yards on the ground as well as top 5 in almost every team rushing category.
  2. I would question the completition percentage in his 5 years he only went over 68% once so not sure if that is obtainable or not. But before last season he was never a big INT guy the 3 seasons prior to last year (17-18-19) he had 21 INTs combined for those three years and funny thing he threw exactly 7 every year. Including last season and his rookie season he has only thrown 50 career INTs which is an overage of only 10 per year.
  3. What a troll job by Wentz if that number is correct. That is Hurts number in Philly LOL
  4. This is what I see happening as well. I see a decent start to the season and Wentz gets stronger as the season goes on when he starts to regain his ingame confidence. It is one thing to do it in practice when nobody is hitting you but I think there will be some in game confidence that he will need to regain as he starts to trust the team and his mechanics again. Unlike Philly I think Indy will be more understanding of a slow start and allow Wentz to gain that confidence instead of fans and media tearing him apart in the media.
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