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  1. The Philly Athletic Eagles guys are discussing the trade now if you're interested. It's still live so you can rewind to the beginning or watch it when it is over. They've discussed it from the Colts perspective and gave some thoughts on what he might do going forward.
  2. Here is the link for The Athletic episode that will start at 8pm EST.
  3. Our local The Athletic guys will be doing an emergency pod regarding the trade. They're my favorite Eagles guys we have in the city. They're objective, they call the Eagles out when they need to be called out, and think with nuance. If you're interested in takes on the trade from the other perspective, that will be a good one to listen to. I'll post a link when it's available. Right now, this is Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher discussing the trade. They said in their next episode they'll dive in more from the Colts perspective. They don't get too deep here, just initial reactions and
  4. Philly writers never really had an issue with John DeFilippo. When he was let go, some of the writers thought it would be a good idea to bring him back, since he did a good job with Wentz, but it was not to be. Most of the writers defended Pederson and thought he got a raw deal from what is currently a poorly run organization. Right now the writers are all in trashing Howie Roseman and Lurie. Well earned, both have been awful lately.
  5. Long time Eagles fan, here is my rundown on Carson Wentz. I'll start with Wentz the person/teammate. Through 2018 he was widely considered a great guy, great teammate, hard worker. Then out of the blue in 2019 a local Philadelphia writer Joe Santoliquito put out a piece on Wentz that wasn't very positive. It had a lot of damning stuff in there from anonymous teammates and people in the organization who labeled him entitled and selfish. The city was very angry at this article and dubbed Joe as an attention-seeker and putting out a smear piece. Joe's home was vandalized for putting out the
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