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  1. It isn’t a good thing when the second pick in the draft 5 years ago is available for us to get. That means the team that drafted him didn’t want him. Full agree about Grigson and Ballard though, this is Reich’s fault.
  2. Exactly my dude I felt the same way, and these same people were the ones that told us we were like the fans who booed Luck because we didn’t want Rivers.
  3. I mean the situation is dire. He was terrible last year, he is a locker room cancer, and he has no motivation to play well because he is already getting paid. He just held the team that drafted him hostage to get traded. He can do the same to us. Because of the conditional pick there will be potential friction within the organization to sit him.
  4. If the reports of the deal are correct, we managed to trade a first and 2nd round pick for the 2nd worst qb in the league with a terrible contract. All this does is invite disfunction because we will need to bench him if we aren’t contenders to keep our 1st rounder, but Reich won’t bench him. So we will have to fire Reich in the 2nd half of the season so that we don’t lose the 1st rounder. This is terrible.
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