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  1. Art Donovan should be retired on his comedic abilities alone! I loved him on Letterman.
  2. Flutie never wore 2 before the NFL 22 in college and 20 in the CFL. I always kind of liked a QB wearing a 20+ number , Kosar, Flutie were the 2 best , Heath Shuler was 21 at UT. Remember the Hefty Lefty at Kentucky #21. Iu had that guy 21 a few years ago. I am sure there are some more. Michigans QB wore 20 at Ole Miss before he transferred. Mich had a guy wearing 98 one year as some tribute that seemed strange. I grew up in NFL time where it was pretty much 7,10,12,14 or 17 if you were any good. Personally I hate #1 for anybody but a kicker or punter.
  3. Remember the days when there were punters that could also be the backup or #3 QB ? Kind of a luxury to have a at least somewhat prepared #3 for that emergency time but not lose a roster spot.
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