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  1. The Caldwell hire was a complete waste of time. He was the OC for one of the worst offenses in the league when we hired him. Yes he had a calming impact on the team from the nonsense that we had with Schwartz but he wasn't going to take that team anywhere. Of course he's lightyears better than Patricia was.
  2. What's up Colts fans. I'm a huge Lions fan and an even bigger Stafford fan. I pray that they get a deal done sending him to the Colts. The Lions wasted his early years but he's a straight up baller with a cannon. Stafford was nothing but amazing in the community and the locker room loves him. The Lions got the best QB that they've ever had and wasted him with head coaches like Jim Schwartz (a defensive coach) aka Jim Shorts as we call him, Jim Caldwell (need I digress?) and Matt Patricia (I would say that he's a defensive coach but he's garbage). Stafford had to deal with garbage e
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